Escape From Tarkov Arena Release Date (Updates) 2024

Battlestate Games is going to introduce Area DLC in-game event or standalone game for Escape from Tarkov the event will be called Escape from Tarkov Arena. This event-based game will be similar to the EFT game machines but in it, players will battle in the arena of the city Escape from Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov Arena

Battlestate Games officially announced the standalone game project Escape from Tarkov Arena on 4th June 2022 along with the trailer that shows some of the PvP gameplay highlights.

This event game will have both PvP and PvE game modes, new weapons, in-game machines and more important new features for the EFT game owners such as you can play this event game from your main character profile and more.

eft arena home interface
escape from tarkov arena release date

The PvE fights are arranged by the Arena Masters currently the EFT Arena is in the Alpha testing phase. The Twitter account called @TarkovArena shared some of the photos and videos of the EFT Arena testing.

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The EFTArena will feature three game modes, TeamFight a death match, Shootout a team battle mode and lastly Last Hero a free-to-play mode along with UnRanked and Ranked modes.

eft arena maps edited

For example, the Shootout mode has 15-minute matches between two teams with 3 players each that fight within four new maps  Air Pit, Equator, Bowl and Bay 5.

Recently, Battlestate Games COO Nikita Buyanov talked about the EFT Arena project and explain we are working on it and that the EFT Arena will be esports ready when it is released. She also says it will have a multiplayer event based on ranked and unranked matches, spectator cams and more.

However, until now there is no official release date for Escape from Tarkov Arena announced by Battlestate Games but we hope to see it soon because the game is under alpha testing means is soon hit the gaming industry.

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