Escape From Tarkov: Chemical Part 2 Quest Guide

Chemical Part 2 is another quest in Escape from Tarkov that accept after completing the Chemical Part 1 quest. Similar to the previous quest in Part 2 quest you need to obtain two mandatory items and return them to the NPC named Skier.

If you’re getting confused in the Chemical Part 2 quest well don’t worry. Here in this article, we explained how you can compete in this quest without having much hassle. So without any further ado let’s focus on the guide.

How To Complete Chemical Part 2 Quest

Once you reach to level 10 the NPC called Skier will offer you the Chemical Part 2 quest. In this quest, you need to find and collect two documents from three-story dorms on Customs.

chemical part 2 location
image credit to Piranha


  • Find any evidence on Customs that could help with the investigation
  • Hand over the evidence to Skier
  • Find any information on Customs that could help with the investigation
  • Hand over the info to Skier


  • You must be at Level 10
  • Dorm room 220 key
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The Youtuber Channel called Piranha uploaded a video that explains how you can obtain Dorm Room 220 Key. Once you get the Dorm room key you need to visit 3 story dorms on the Customs map.

chemical part 2 building
image credit to Piranha

Once you reach the 3 Story Dorms building take the stairs and go to the 2nd floor then take left and keep moving and then take right and again right at the end of the hallway on the right side the last room is 220.

Open the door of the room and pick up the evidence from the table near the laptop and the letter from a bunch of green color flies on the metal bookshelf.

Once you picked up both evidence and letter you can look for the nearest extraction point and return both items to Skier to complete the quest.


  • 4800 XP
  • +0.04 reputation with Skier
  • 3x F-1 hand grenade
  • 2x TP-200 TNT brick
  • ~15,000 Roubles
  • Unlocks the purchase for SOK-12 12/76 SAI-02 10-round magazine from Jaeger
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