Escape From Tarkov: Spa Tour Part 4 Quest Guide

Spa Tour Part 4 is another quest that you can take after finishing the Spa Tour Part 3 quest. Once you are at level 12 in Escape from Tarkov you can take this quest. In order to complete this quest you need to find generators in the east and west wings.

Just like Lend Lease Part 1 mission in Spa Tour Part 4, you need to collect 2 generators from the east and west wings and for that firstly you need to obtain the keys to the West Wing 219 or 220 room. If you getting confused about this quest.

Well don’t here we feature a complete guide that explains how you can easily complete this quest without having much hassle.

How To Complete Spa Tour Part 4 Quest?

Once you accept the Spa Tour Part 4 quest firstly you need to find the keys to West Wings room 219 or 220. Because without keys you cannot able to open the room in the west wing to obtain the generators.


  • Find and Pick Up Generators in the East Wing of the Health Resort
  • Find and Pick Up Generators in the West Wing of the Health Resort


  • West Wing 219/220 Keys (Locked)
  • East Wing 220 (Unlocked)


  • +7,700 XP
  • +0.03 reputation with Peacekeeper
  • ~1200 Dollars
  • 1x Car battery

The Youtube channel named Piranha has uploaded a video that explains how you can get West Wing 219 key and West Wing 220 key. Once you obtain both the keys you need to visit the West and East Wing buildings as shown in the below map.

west and east wing escape from tarkov
spa tour part 4

In the West Wing of the Health Resort go to the 2 floor of the building by the stairs and turn left in the corridor where you will find Rooms 219 and 220. Open each room one by one and collect all the generators into your inventory. Go to the East Wing of the Health Resort on Shoreline. The east wing room is already unlocked simply pick up the remaining generators.

Once you collected all the generators simply look for the nearest extraction point. The Spa Tour Part 4 quest is completed now collect your rewards.

This is end of this short guide for more similar quest guides do refer to our Escape from Tarkov guide section.