Escape From Tarkov: Fishing Gear Quest Guide

Fishing Gear is a quest in Escape from Tarkov that requires players to deliver certain gear to a specific location on the Shoreline map. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information to successfully complete this quest.


To start the Fishing Gear quest, players must have completed Friend from the West – Part 1 and reach at least level 10.


  1. Locate the boat hidden next to the breakwater on Shoreline
  2. Stash 1 sniper rifle in the boat
  3. Stash 1 multitool in the boat
  4. Survive and extract from the location


Completing the Fishing Gear quest rewards players with +4,800 EXP, a Peacekeeper reputation gain of +0.02, and cash rewards of 700 Dollars, 735 Dollars with Intelligence Center Level 1, and 805 Dollars with Intelligence Center Level 2. Players also receive an UNTAR helmet and unlock the purchase of the SIG Sauer ROMEO4 reflex sight at Peacekeeper LL2. Additionally, this quest unlocks the barter for the Springfield Armory M1A 7.62×51 rifle at Peacekeeper LL2.

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Initial Equipment

Players are sent an SV-98 7.62x54R bolt-action sniper rifle and a Leatherman Multitool via the messenger upon accepting the quest. It is recommended to completely disassemble the SV-98 as it does not need to be functional for the quest. The removed parts can be sold. Place the multitool in your special equipment slot or secure container to avoid losing it upon death.


Take the SV-98 sniper rifle and Leatherman Multitool with you to the Shoreline map.

Navigate to the southern part of the map, specifically the beach next to the gas station.

Look for a small rowboat on the beach near the gas station. This is the location where you need to stash the gear.

fishing gear tarkov map
boat location in shoreline map

Approach the rowboat and hold down the interact key. This will initiate a countdown of 30 seconds.

During the countdown, one of the two items (either the sniper rifle or the multitool) will be removed from your inventory and placed in the boat. After the countdown, the other item will be placed as well.

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Once both items are stashed in the boat, your objective is complete. You can now extract from the raid.

Note that extraction does not need to occur in the same raid where you place the items. As long as you have successfully stashed the gear, you can extract it in subsequent raids.


The Fishing Gear quest in Escape From Tarkov requires players to deliver specific gear to a designated location on the Shoreline map. By following the instructions and stashing the sniper rifle and multitool in the rowboat, players can successfully complete the quest.