Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Extraction Points (2022)

The Escape from Tarkov is one of the best first person shooter actions available for gamers. The game has lots of maps along with lots of dangers. The Woods Maps is one of these maps in the game you can easily defeat if you don’t anything about this map.

Woods maps are considered a map to be avoided by new players, without a specific search. There are a couple of reasons This map doesn’t have too much to loot.

You have to engage in some PvP fights if you want to make good money at Woods Map. The map focuses very much on PvP and attracts players seeking kills rather than loots, which means new players can meet enemies who both out gear and outdo them.

Here in this article, I am explaining the extraction points in the Escape from Tarkov Woods Map with complete information.

Full Interactive Escape From Trakov Woods Map

This is a fully interactive Escape from Tarkov Woods Map. The credit for this map goes to Mapgenie.

Escape from Tarkov Woods Map: All Extraction Points

woods map tarkov
Escape from Tarkov Woods Map

Extraction Points without conditions

BoatDead Man’s PlaceEastern RocksMountain Stash
Old StationSCAV BridgeSCAV BunkerSCAV House
Northern UN RoadblockOutskirtsUN Roadblock 

Extraction Points with Conditions

Bridge V-ExYou need 5,000 Rubles per player and only four players can use it at a time.
RUAF RoadblockYou need Green Flare Lit in Front of the Gate to Open it
ZB-014You need Green Flare Lit in Front of the Gate of the Bunker inside and the ZB-014 key.
ZB-016You need Green Flare Lit in Front of the Gate of the Bunker inside but no key.
Factory Gate (Co-Op)To access it both SCAV and PMC player has be together.

Some of the Popular Extraction Points in Woods Map

These are some of the popular extraction points used by lots of players in the Escape of Tarkov Woods Map.

1. West Bunker (ZB-016)

A tiny bunker known for its number ZB-016, hidden in the woods. This is one PMC extraction point. If the extraction point is active, caution yourself, as someone can camp inside. Moreover, the extraction point is available in the 2nd room and the in terms of loot you can get four wooden boxes in this location.

2. East Bunker (ZB-014)

This is the second bunker in the woods of Tarkov. The one is referred to as the “Zb-014” and serves as an extration point, just however to access it requires a key.

The green flare will occur outside the bunker if the extraction point is active. This is also a very popular campsite, particularly when mining is open.

This bunker offers better lots, but some of them are hidden under the lock. Here you can get a duffle bag, a wooden cabinet, loose plunder and more loot.

3. RUAF Roadblock

An abandoned Russian military blockade was easily seen by a tank nearby. The place that you spawn on the other side of the map is an extraction point for this location.

There is a condition to accessing the Extraction point in the location you need a green flare lit in front of the gate to be open It. This entire area needs to be cautiously approached as there is not too much cover and players visit it sometimes.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

How many players can play in Escape from Tarkov Woods Map?

Escape From the Tarkov Woods map, up to 12 players with many scav spawns is medium.

How do you get out of the forest?

Make your way to one of the 15 extract points to escape the Woods map at Escape from Tarkov. On Woods, UN Roadblock and Outskirts are the guaranteed extract points. Both are to the far left and right of the map.


Hopefully, you find this short guide helpful in order to know all the extraction points in the Woods Map of Escape of Tarkov for similar articles read our Tarkov Guides including the Escape From Trakvo Customs Map of all extraction points for PMC and SCAV.

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