Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Tips You Need To Know (2022)

Escape from Tarkov Woods Map: Woods is a small too big map on Escape From one of the most important hot spots in Tarkov. Much of the action will be taken in the middle of the map, surrounded by forests, but there are many mining points at the edge of the map.

Tarkov’s Wald, also referred to as the “Priozersk Natural Reserve,” is a moderately vast forested area (thus, the name) full of hills, cliffs and open field segments, making it ideal for long term fighting (hills and rocks offer great vantage points for snipers.

While open fields tend to turn into kill zones). It will take about 45 minutes for every Raid on the Woods map, featuring 6 to 12 players and many NPC scavs.

Woods are considered as a map to be avoided by new players, without a specific search. There are a couple of reasons:

This map doesn’t have too much to loot. You have to engage in (and win) some PvP fights if you want to make a good money at Woods.

The layout of the map promotes long-term combat and makes even more important gear advantages. Mighty sniper guns and fine optics win Woods fights. However, it should be noted that on the woods, cheap rifles can be very effective, as well as scope Mosin Nagant and Vepr Hunter.

The map focuses on PvP and attracts players

The map focuses very much on PvP and attracts players seeking kills rather than loots, which means new players can meet enemies who both outgear and outdo them.

Points of Interest

In the forests of Tarkov there is a lot to explore from abandoned bunkers in the area, to lumberyards and sawmills to an aircraft crash site and to an abandoned tank that is randomly parked in the northern part (possible loot included).

Note1: The full version will be opened in a new window by left-clicking on the map.

Note2: We plan to extend and to clarify this section of the guide in the future.

Points of Interest on the Woods Map

woods map tarkov
Escape from Tarkov Woods Map

1. West Bunker (ZB-016)

A tiny bunker known for its number – ZB-016, hidden in the woods. This is an optional PMC removal point (look for the green smoke outside of the bunker). If the extraction point is active, caution yourself, as someone can camp inside (this is a very common practice). The mining point is in the second room of the bunker.

Location – west of the forest, north-west of the crash site of the plane. Our Map shows the West Bunker as number “1.”

Possible Loot: Four wooden boxes.

2. East Bunker (ZB-014)

Second of the two bunkers in the woods of Tarkov. The one is referred to as the “Zb-014” and serves as an optional extractive point, just like its western counterpart, but, as opposed to it, requires a key |ZB-014.

The green flare will occur outside the bunker if the extraction point is active. This is also a very popular campsite, particularly when mining is open. This bunker offers better lots, but some of them are hidden under the lock.

Situation – East of the Tarkov Forest, north-east of the Site of Rituals. On our map, the East Bunker is marked “2.”

Loot: A duffle bag, a wooden cabinet, loose plunder in your locker outside your locked area.

3. Plane Crash Site

Two bunkers in the Tarkov woods second. This is called the “Zb-014” and serves like his western counterpart as an optional extractive point, but requires, by contrast, the key |ZB-014. If the extraction point is active, the green flare will happen outside the bunker.

This campsite is also very popular, especially if mining is open. This bunker provides more, but some are hidden under the lock.

Situation – East of the forest of Tarkov, north-east of the Ritual Site. The East Bunker is marked on our map as “2.”

Loot: A bag of duffles, a wooden closet, loose loot outside your locked area in your locker.

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4. Lookout Rock / Spine

One of the strongest sniper on the map. It overlooks a large part of the western side of the woods and offers great views of everyone who wants to enter the Mill/Lumberyard area in the centre of Woods.

Therefore, you will probably find a sniper on these rocks somewhere (approaching this area from the south is generally the safest option as players are less likely to look in that direction).

Location — South of the Woods, close to the centre of the map, east of the plane crash site and southwest of the area of Mill and Lumberyard. On our map you will see Lookout Rock / Spine as number “4.”

Possible Loot: Contents of a file cabinet located on the site just west of the rock and some PvP pitch since this place is very popular with the player.

5. RUAF Roadblock

An abandoned Russian military blockade was easily seen by a tank nearby. The place that you spawn on the other side of the map is an extraction point for this. This entire area needs to be cautiously approached as there is not too much cover and players visit it sometimes.

Please note that shots from the east coast of the roadblock can be made in the Shoreline Sniper Rock and inside the Lumberyard (and vice versa). This makes it a good location to sniff in.

Site — North-west part of the woods, very far north of the Lookout Rock and the West Bunker. North-east.Our map shows the RUAF Roadblock as number “5.”

Possible Loot: Duffle bag parked just outside the door on the back of the pickup truck. Two weapons crates just east of the block, hidden behind the big rock .

escape from tarkov woods map
Tarkov Woods Map

6. Shore Sniper Rock

An unconspecious rock on the shores of the woods… you can be 99.9 percent sure that a sniper has shot you while you are on the water.

It is a good idea to come from the East or the South East so that the trees can cover your approach if you want to clear this area. The popularity of this campsite is because it gives a good view of much of the map.

Location — On the forest coast in the Middle, Lumberyard North-East and Ritual Ring North. On our map, the Shore Sniper Rock is indicated as “6.”

Possible Loot: Loot containers are available on the base of the rock. There is also a campsite just south of it with a lootable med bag.

7. Mill / Lumberyard

Industrialized part of Tarkov’s forest, with a sawmill, wood/plank storage facilities, worker shacks and storage.

It is far the most popular place on the map, not only because it is in the centre, but also because it contains the most sweeps and the map of Boss spawns in the vicinity with his two bodyguards.

Site – Dead Center of the map of Woods, west of the West Bunker and southwest of the Sniper Rock Square Location Location (the area is impossible to miss). Our Map lists the Mill / Lumberyard as “7.”

Possible Loot:

In the southwestern part of the area, there are three Shacks: South 1st – 2 jackets, bag of Duffle, loose bags. Second south – a safe and loose loot, Grenade Box. South. A Duffle Bag, an arms crew, some loose loots and an East Wing Room 308 Key. The third one, from the south.

Shake located on the north-eastern part (almost like the guard-house) of this area: 2 jackets, cabinets, a duffle bag, some loose loot, and labour.

A Weapon Crate at the back of the Pickup Truck, parked at the Blue Building/Warehouse in the south east of the Lumberyard.

8. Sniper Rock

The “snipers” and campers prefer another place. It offers a good panorama of the vicinity and covers the south approach to Lumberyard, making it very popular among “without any proactive players.”

Location – South of the Lumberyard and the Ritual Ring to the southwest. Our Map shows the Sniper rock as “8.”

Possible Loot: Nothing to note unless one is caught and considered a source of loot, camping outside the guard.

9. Ritual

A place used for the occult rituals by the local sect. The circle is where the worship makes its sacrifices (which consist of weapons, often high-end ones). This is one of the quest locations for the “Cult – Part 2” and one of Tarkov’s most mysterious areas.

Located – The central part of the woods, the southern control point, east of the Lumberyard, and north-west. The ritual place on our map is marked with “9.”

Possible loots: a loose weapon inside of Ritual ring, a jacket beneath the tree just outside the ritual ring (which can spawn here fully loaded RSASS). A cabinet and an armed crate can also be found at the Checkpoint, south-west of the Ritual.

Woods is great for long-range battles around a medium-sized map. This is a solid map if you want to practise your sniper gun. A railroad and numerous rock formations appear on the west side of the map. There will be a long, straight road from north to south along the East side of the map. Seeing this path is a good sign on the east side.

Right in the centre is a big wooden courtyard with many scav spawns and this is a natural choc, as there are many players. See the snipers in the middle of the lumberyard. There is almost always a long rock formation with someone.

In the south sniper rock is probably the most popular sniper on this map because it provides great views over many areas of the map. You may want to explore or defend these areas if you are new.

You can find people around the Factory and the shack if you spawn in the west. On the eastern side there are people fighting for sniping positions over the rocks up to the north. Note that you can snip over the water in the middle on a clear day.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

How many Woods players?

Escape From the Tarkov Woods map, up to 12 players with many scav spawns are medium.

Where’s the Woods Scavs?

The most dense place was the construction of scavs spawning throughout the Woods map. This place is in the centre of the map with five scav spawns.

How do you get out of the forest?

Make your way to one of the 15 extract points to escape the Woods map at Escape from Tarkov. On Woods, UN Roadblock and Outskirts are the guaranteed extract points. Both are to the far left and right of the map.


Tarkov Escape is a tough game with a strong curve of learning. For this reason we decided to target new players in this guide who tend to fight their first raids and help them learn about different maps that the game has to offer.

We hope that this guide has been found useful and informative. Please let us know if we missed a significant piece of information. In addition, we are glad to receive constructive critiques that help us improve our future work and leave your suggestions in the following comments section.