Escape from Tarkov: Friends from West Part 1 Guide

The Friends from West Part 1 is the first part of a quest in the game Escape from Tarkov. In this article, we will delve into the details of the quest, including its objectives, requirements, and rewards, and provide a comprehensive guide to help players successfully complete it.

Quest Requirements

To embark on this quest, you must have reached at least level 9 in Escape from Tarkov. Skier wants to ensure that only experienced and battle-tested individuals undertake this task, as it involves confronting a group of skilled mercenaries.


The primary objectives of “Friend from West Part 1” are as follows.

  • Eliminate 7 USEC PMCs
  • Obtain 7 USEC PMC dogtags
  • Hand over 7 USEC PMC dogtags to Skier


Upon completion of “Friends from West Part 1,” you will receive the following rewards:

  • +10,000 EXP: Completing this quest will grant you a significant experience boost, allowing for further progression in the game.
  • Skier Reputation +0.06: Skier will hold you in higher regard due to your successful completion of this challenging quest.
  • In-game currency rewards: You will receive a monetary reward for your services, amounting to 700 Dollars. This value can increase to 735 Dollars with Intelligence Center Level 1 or 805 Dollars with Intelligence Center Level 2.
  • Weapon and equipment rewards: As an additional bonus, you will receive two ADAR 2-15 5.56×45 carbines, along with 60 rounds of 5.56x45mm M855A1 ammunition. Additionally, Skier will present you with a Roler Submariner gold wristwatch.
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Friends from West Part 1
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To successfully complete “Friends from West Part 1,” follow these steps:

Obtaining USEC Dogtags

  1. Locate and engage USEC PMCs: Explore the game world and engage with USEC PMCs to initiate combat. They can be found in various locations, so thorough exploration is key.
  2. Collect dogtags from eliminated USEC PMCs: After eliminating a USEC PMC, search their body to retrieve their dogtags. Remember, the dogtags are essential for proving the success of your mission.

Eliminating USEC PMCs

  1. Engage in tactical combat: Utilize your combat skills and game knowledge to engage the USEC PMCs in intense firefights. Use cover, employ effective strategies, and make precise shots to eliminate them.
  2. Be cautious and aware: The USEC PMCs are highly trained and possess advanced weaponry. Exercise caution during encounters and be prepared for challenging battles.

Handing over Dogtags to Skier

  1. Return to Skier: Once you have eliminated the required number of USEC PMCs and obtained their dogtags, make your way back to Skier’s location.
  2. Interact with Skier to complete the quest: Initiate a dialogue with Skier and hand over the collected dogtags. The skier will acknowledge your success and reward you accordingly.
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“Friends from West Part 1” is an intriguing quest in Escape from Tarkov that challenges players to eliminate a group of USEC PMCs. By completing this quest, players can earn valuable experience, currency, and reputation rewards.

Remember to utilize your combat skills, retrieve the USEC PMC dogtags, and deliver them to Skier for a successful conclusion to the quest.

This is all for the Friends from West Part 1 quest guide for more similar content do check our Escape from Tarkov guides section.