Escape from Tarkov Regulated Materials Guide

In Escape from Tarkov, “Regulated Materials” is a quest that offers an exciting and challenging mission for seasoned warriors. In this quest, you will encounter a customer with an urgent order for specific equipment, originating from abroad.

Your task is to acquire a military battery and several OFZ shells, which are in high demand. Are you ready to embark on this perilous journey? Read on to find out more about the quest and how to complete it successfully.


To undertake the “Regulated Materials” quest, you must be at least level 25. This ensures that you possess the necessary experience and skills to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.


The quest consists of the following objectives.

  1. Find a 6 Sten-140-M military battery in a raid.
  2. Hand over the military battery to Prapor.
  3. Find 5 OFZ 30x160mm shells in a raid.
  4. Hand over the 5 OFZ shells.


Upon successful completion of the quest, you will receive the following rewards:

  • +14,800 EXP: Experience points to enhance your character progression.
  • Prapor Reputation +0.02: Your reputation with Prapor, one of the key traders in Tarkov, will increase.
  • 150,000 Roubles: A substantial monetary reward for your efforts.
  • 157,500 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 1: If you have upgraded your Intelligence Center to Level 1, the monetary reward will increase.
  • 172,500 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 2: If you have upgraded your Intelligence Center to Level 2, the monetary reward will further increase.
  • 100× 12.7x55mm PS12B: Ammunition for your arsenal.
  • Unlocks barter for ASh-12 12.7×55 assault rifle at Prapor LL4: Access to a powerful weapon through trading.
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Related Quest Items

  • OFZ 30x160mm shell:
    • Amount: 5
    • Requirement: Handover item
    • Find in the raid: Yes
    • Notes: These shells can be crafted in the Hideout (Workbench lv. 3).
  • 6-STEN-140-M military battery:
    • Amount: 1
    • Requirement: Handover item
    • Find in the raid: Yes
    • Notes: This military battery is a large 4×2 slot item resembling a black/brown box. It can commonly be found near or on tanks.

To complete the quest, you must find the required items in raid. The OFZ 30x160mm shells can be discovered as loose loot on Lighthouse and Reserve.

Additionally, there is a chance to find them in containers or in the backpack of a scav. These shells are also obtainable through crafting in the Hideout, specifically at Workbench level 3.

As for the 6-STEN-140-M military battery, it is a larger item occupying a 4×2 slot and has a black/brown box appearance. It is typically found near or on tanks. The military base, where the battery is located, poses significant risks. Be prepared for intense encounters and challenging situations.

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To increase your chances of finding the required items, consider exploring the RB-BK marked key room, which often contains OFZ shells. Another reliable source for the military battery is the RB-ST and RB-GN rooms.


The “Regulated Materials” quest in Escape from Tarkov presents a demanding challenge for resourceful warriors. By obtaining a military battery and OFZ shells from a treacherous military base, you will earn substantial rewards.

Including experience points, reputation, in-game currency, valuable ammunition, and access to an impressive assault rifle through bartering. Engage in intense battles, overcome obstacles, and prove your worth in this high-stakes mission.