Escape From Tarkov: Gunsmith Part 15 Quest Guide

Escape from Tarkov is a popular first-person shooter game that has gained a significant following in the gaming community. The game features a wide range of quests that players must complete to progress through the game.

One of these quests is Gunsmith – Part 15, which requires players to modify an AS VAL to comply with specific specifications. In this article, we’ll guide you through the quest, including the requirements, objectives, and rewards.

Gunsmith Part 15: Requirements

To start the Gunsmith Part 15 quest, you must be at least level 29. You’ll also need to have an AS VAL rifle to modify according to the given specifications.

Gunsmith Part 15: Objectives

The main objective of the Gunsmith Part 15 quest is to modify an AS VAL rifle to comply with the given specifications. You’ll need to ensure that the rifle has a durability of 60, an ergonomics rating of 33 or higher, and a recoil sum of less than 200. You’ll also need to add the following attachments to the rifle:

  • FAB Defense GL-SHOCK buttstock
  • AN/PEQ-15 tactical device
  • NSPU-M night vision scope
  • 9×39 SR3M.130 30-round magazine
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Gunsmith Part 15: Rewards

Completing the Gunsmith Part 15 quest will reward you with +19,400 EXP and a Mechinc Rep +0.02. You’ll also receive a Kiba Arms inner grate door key and a pressure gauge. The quest also unlocks the purchase of a VSS/VAL TOZ 6P29M mount at Jaeger LL3.

Gunsmith Part 15: Guide

Gunsmith Part 15 Tarkov
Gunsmith Part 15

To modify the AS VAL rifle, you’ll need to purchase and attach the required attachments. Below is a list of the attachments, where to find them, and the loyalty level required:

  • FAB Defense GL-SHOCK buttstock – sold by Mechanic LL2 or Skier LL4
  • AN/PEQ-15 tactical device – sold by Peacekeeper LL3
  • NSPU-M night vision scope – sold by Prapor LL1
  • 9×39 SR3M.130 30-round magazine – sold by Prapor LL3 or LL4
  • AS VAL Rotor 43 pistol grip & buffer tube – sold by Mechanic LL2
  • VSS/VAL Zenit B-3 ring mount – sold by Skier LL3
  • VSS/VAL Zenit B-3 mount combo – sold by Mechanic LL3
  • VSS/VAL TOZ 6P29M mount – sold by Jaeger LL3
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You can purchase the required attachments from the respective traders and attach them to the AS VAL rifle. Once you’ve modified the rifle according to the given specifications, hand it over to the Mechanic to complete the quest.


In conclusion, Escape from Tarkov’s Gunsmith Part 15 quest requires players to modify an AS VAL rifle to specific specifications. This task involves acquiring various attachments such as the FAB Defense GL-SHOCK buttstock, AN/PEQ-15 tactical device, NSPU-M night vision scope, and a 9×39 SR3M.130 30-round magazine.

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