Escape From Tarkov: Healthcare Privacy Part 2 Quest Guide

Healthcare Privacy Part 2: Escape from Tarkov is a popular multiplayer game that challenges players to survive in a fictional Russian city that has been sealed off due to a political conflict.

One of the tasks that players can undertake is the “Healthcare Privacy Part 2” task, which requires players to search a room in the Health Resort for any documents about TerraGroup’s research, hand over the retrieved information, and survive and extract from the location.

In this guide, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to complete this task successfully.


  1. Search Room 306 in the Health Resort for any documents related to TerraGroup’s research.
  2. Retrieve the information and extract it from the location.
  3. Deliver the documents to the Therapist.


  1. +5,900 Experience Points (EXP)
  2. Therapist Reputation increases by 0.04.
  3. Receive 24,000 Roubles as a reward.
  4. Receive 25,200 Roubles if Intelligence Center Level 1 is attained.
  5. Receive 27,600 Roubles if Intelligence Center Level 2 is attained.
  6. Obtain a 4x Salewa first aid kit as a bonus reward.
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Below we mentioned the guide that helps you to know how you can complete the Healthcare Privacy Part 2 quest in Escape from Tarkov.

Find the Health Resort West Wing Room 306 Key

The Health Resort West Wing Room 306 key is required to access the room where TerraGroup’s research documents are located. While it can be obtained later in the game through completing the Private Clinic, we recommend buying it directly from the flea market to save time.

The key can be found in jackets, pockets, and bags of Scavs, and it can also spawn on Factory. However, key spawns are relatively rare, so we advise buying them from the flea market.

Find the TerraGroup’s Research Documents

location of west wing in shoreline map
location of the west wing in the shoreline map

To find TerraGroup’s research documents, head to the Health Resort on the Shoreline map. From the main entrance, go to the right and follow the open area around to the right until you reach the West Wing. Once you’re there, head to the top floor using either of the two staircases available.

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Note that the far end side of the West Wing, where there’s a hole in the wall, is blocked off, so turn to your right and continue in that direction. The first door on the right-hand side is Room 306, which is where you’ll find the documents.

Once you unlock the door, the item is located directly in front of you next to a dead Scav on the windowsill. Remember to survive an extra after collecting the item. If you die, you’ll need to come back into the raid, collect the item again, and survive an extra.


Completing the therapist task in Escape from Tarkov can be challenging, but with our guide, you should be able to find TerraGroup’s research documents in the Health Resort and hand them over to the therapist. Remember to buy the West Wing Room 306 key from the flea market and to survive an extra after collecting the documents.

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