Kalthertz Mokoko Seeds Lost Ark Guide

Kalthertz Mokoko Seeds Lost Ark: Mokoko seeds are just collectables in the lost ark. There are various locations in the lost ark where you can find those seeds easily.

You don’t have to fight with anyone for mokoko seeds. You just have to explore the lost ark map as much as you can and go through every location to find those seeds. In the game, there are almost 1210 mokoko seeds

. Most of them you can find quite easily for some exceptional locations. You have to search hard for this, like someplace which is only possible to access during the event period. You will get rewards based on the count of the mokoko seed throughout your journey.

The Mokoko seeds are used in exchange with the NPCs to collect other materials from NPC vendors. When you do this you can ship, potions states, cards, tokens or just random adventures.

How To See How Many Mokoko Seeds I Have in Lost Ark

When you press “alt j” in a game a window will appear on your screen. The window will show all collectable data of yours. In the second row, you will be able to see details about the mokoko seeds. When you can see how many seeds you have from the total seeds.

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When you click on the mokoko seeds image map of the lost ark world will appear on your screen which will show you a different location of the mokoko seeds. When you drag the cursor to a specific location on the lost ark mao you will be able to see the further details of Mokoko seeds in that place.

If you want to see the location of the kalthertz Mokoko seeds lost ark then you can find it on the map then click on the kalthertz and you will be able to see detail in another window.

kalthertz mokoko seeds lost ark

How To Collect The Mokoko Seed in the Kalthertz Lost Ark?

In most cases the mokoko seeds are easily available on the ground, the seeds will be glowing when you see the seeds. So when you approach the seed you have to press the “G” key. When you hold the key till the bar reaches the top, you will be able to collect the mokoko seed.

While collecting the seed make sure that you are not surrounded by any enemies out there in the open. Sometimes what happens in event time during the PVP is the enemies might attack you you lost one living there.

Location of kalthertz and location of mokoko seeds in kalthertz lost ark?

In lost ark kalthertz is an island, which is located in the southeast of the Sushiro continent in the Spectrum ocean. The prisoners are brought to the Kalthertz island and the prisoners are sold as labourers. In Kalthertz there are a total of three Mokoko seeds available at different locations.

1st Location of Mokoko Seeds in Kalthertz in Lost Ark

The first seed is located on the edge of the east side of the map. On the map, you can see the gate and as you turn left from the gate you will be able to view the first mokoko seed in kalthertz.

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2nd Location of Mokoko Seeds in Kalthertz in Lost Ark

The second seed is located in the southeast region of the kalthertz island map. When you have to cross the steel gate to get through the steel hidden path towards the prison.

When you reach there, there will be a prison cell near the fire brazier and that’s the location of the second mokoko seeds in kaltherth lost ark.

3rd Location of Mokoko Seeds in Kalthertz Lost Ark

The third mokoko seed is located in the prison. In the northeast region of the prison, you will find a boundary wall near the third prison cell. Once you get there you can see the third mokoko seed from kaltherth lost ark.

Mokoko Seeds Reward As Per:

Here in the table, we discussed the mokoko seed count and the rewards you will get as per the mokoko seeds. You will get the first reward when you reach 50 mokoko seeds and the last reward when you reach 1210 mokoko seeds.

Mokoko seed countrewards
50 Mokoko SeedsTotoma Card
100 Mokoko SeedsKindness Potion
150 Mokoko SeedsStrong Crew Application Form: Chicachica
200 Mokoko SeedsVitality Increase Potion
250 Mokoko SeedsCrew Application Form: Cororico
300 Mokoko SeedsStat Increase Potion
350 Mokoko SeedsMokamoka Card
400 Mokoko SeedsParadise’s Knight Licence
450 Mokoko Seeds15 Eurus Blueprint
500 Mokoko SeedsStrong Crew Application Form: Mukomuko
550 Mokoko Seeds3 Shy Wind Flower Pollen
600 Mokoko Seeds20 Eurus Blueprint
650 Mokoko SeedsCrew Application Form: Poipoi
700 Mokoko SeedsMokoko Hunter
750 Mokoko SeedsStructure: Mokoko Seed Monument
800 Mokoko SeedsTransform: Egg of Creation
850 Mokoko SeedsStronghold Crew Application Form: KInd Paruru
900 Mokoko SeedsBackground: Moki Toki
950 Mokoko SeedsMasterpiece #32
1000 Mokoko SeedsShip Model: Blooming Caravel
1050 Mokoko SeedsCrew Application Form: Narinari
1100 Mokoko SeedsTitle: Nice Smelling
1150 Mokoko SeedsMasterpiece #44
1210 Mokoko SeedsMokoko Charm

You can see how many seeds you have by clicking “alt J” then you can further click on the Mokoko seeds to view the collection. To find the location of the seed, when you press the alt j key and find the mokoko seed in the second row and click on the image you will be able to know the location of the seed on the map.

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To know the location of kalthertz you can find it from a map easily or just follow the location as we discussed above. In the kalthertz, there are a total of three Mokoko seeds. When you reach near to the seed it will glow in a bright approach to the seed and press and hold G to collect it from a place.

You can see how many Mokoko seeds you have from pressing alt j after collecting three seeds from Kalthertz and also you can get the rewards mentioned in the above table as per the collection of the Mokoko seed.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Kalthertz Mokoko Seeds Lost Ark with complete information.

Where is the befuddling Isle of the Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, that’s how you’ll locate the Anguished Isle. This Anguished Isle is located east of Yorn in the southwest region of both the world map and entry requires an item level of 1100.

What is the best way to gain anguished Island Soul?

First, go to agonized isle’s militia member and finish the to the anguished el task. Then return to that militia member to obtain the assistance of the isles militia.

Is it possible to do agonizing isle only once a day?

Danyu will give you 950 Crimson Skein money in total. She will also give you the key to the Garden of Despair. After that, the key can be used to re-enter your Garden of Despair dungeon. Each dungeon can be completed daily, while the daily mission can be completed once a week.

This is end of this guide.

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