Escape From Tarkov: Hermit Quest [Explained]

The Hermit Quest is a mission in the popular tactical shooter game, Escape From Tarkov. It is a part of the game’s storyline, and completing it is necessary for players to progress further in the game. The quest requires players to locate and interact with a non-player character named Jaeger, who is known as the “hermit.”

The Hermit Quest Walkthrough of Escape from Tarkov

Here is a detailed breakdown of the Hermit Quest in Escape From Tarkov.

Introduction: To begin the Hermit Quest, players need to first complete the “Debut” quest and reach level 10. After that, players will receive a notification from the game’s messenger, informing them of a new task from the hermit.

Finding Jaeger: The hermit can be found in a hidden bunker on the outskirts of the map. To reach him, players will have to navigate through a dense forest, avoiding enemy players and AI-controlled Scavs. The bunker entrance is well-hidden and requires players to have a key to access it.

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Completing the tasks: Once players have located Jaeger, they must complete a series of tasks that he assigns them. These tasks can be challenging and require players to demonstrate their skills in areas such as marksmanship, survival, and exploration.

Rewards: Upon completing the Hermit Quest, players will receive a variety of rewards, including valuable items and Jaeger loyalty points. These points can be used to purchase exclusive items and weapons from Jaeger’s shop.

Overall, the Hermit Quest is a challenging but rewarding mission in Escape From Tarkov. It adds an extra layer of depth to the game’s storyline and gives players a chance to test their skills in a variety of different areas.

Explanation of Hermit Quest in Escape From Tarkov

The Hermit Quest is a task in Escape From Tarkov that is given to players by Jaeger, a vendor in the game. The quest involves finding and killing a hermit who is hiding in the woods, as well as retrieving his diary.

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To start the Hermit Quest, players must first complete Jaeger’s previous tasks, such as the Huntsman Path quest line. Once these tasks are complete, the Hermit Quest will become available.

The hermit is located on the Woods map, which is a large forested area in the game. The hermit’s exact location is random, but players can find clues by searching the area for landmarks or listening to gunshots from the hermit’s camp. Once the hermit is found, players must kill him and retrieve his diary.

The hermit’s diary is located in a small stash in the woods, which is also random and can be difficult to find. Players must search the area thoroughly to find the stash and retrieve the diary. Once the diary is found, players must extract from the area to complete the quest.

Completing the Hermit Quest rewards players with experience points and a reputation with Jaeger, which can be used to unlock new items and quests. Additionally, the hermit’s diary contains clues that can lead to other hidden stashes and valuable loot in the Woods map.

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Tips: The Hermit Quest can be difficult and dangerous, as the hermit is often heavily armed and other players may also be searching for him. It is important for players to be well-equipped and prepared for combat, and to carefully plan their approach to avoid drawing attention from other players or AI enemies in the area.

Overall, the Hermit Quest is a challenging and rewarding task in Escape From Tarkov that requires careful planning and strategy. It offers players a chance to explore the large and detailed Woods map, as well as earn valuable rewards and reputation with Jaeger.

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