Escape from Tarkov: Tarkov Shooter Part 5 Quest Guide

As the conflict in Tarkov intensifies, the need for survival becomes increasingly critical. In The Tarkov Shooter – Part 5, Jaeger recognizes the importance of preparation and sets up supplies to ensure your survival beyond the current crisis.

Sniper, impressed by your skills, wants to put you to the test during the night on Customs. Let’s delve into the details of this quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Your objective is to eliminate 8 Scavs using a bolt-action rifle within the time period of 21:00-5:00 on Customs. This nocturnal challenge will put your marksmanship and adaptability to the test.


Successfully completing this quest will reward you with +13,000 EXP, a Jaeger Rep +0.02, and 80,000 Roubles. If you have Intelligence Center Level 1, you’ll receive 84,000 Roubles, and if you have Intelligence Center Level 2, you’ll receive 92,000 Roubles. Additionally, you’ll receive a Mosin Rifle Texas Precision Products 7.62x54R muzzle brake and PNV-10T Night Vision Goggles. Furthermore, you’ll unlock the purchase of the Mosin Rifle Texas Precision Products 7.62x54R muzzle brake at Jaeger LL3.

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Shooter Part 5 Tarkov
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To fulfill the quest requirements, head to Customs between 21:00 and 5:00, ensuring you have enough time to complete the task. It is advisable to enter the raid no later than 3:00 to allow ample time for progress before 5:00.

The following locations are known for frequent Scav presence: the crossroads, construction site, bus depot, and old gas station. Equipping a flashlight on your weapon can greatly aid in hunting Scavs in the darkness.

Prepare yourself mentally and physically for the night raid. Familiarize yourself with the map and plan your movements accordingly. Stay vigilant and use your Night Vision Goggles to spot enemies and gain a tactical advantage.

Remember, the cover of darkness can both conceal and reveal, so make use of your skills and adapt to the unique challenges presented by the night environment.


By successfully eliminating 8 Scavs with a bolt-action rifle during the night on Customs, you’ll prove your ability to navigate and survive in challenging circumstances. The rewards offered by Jaeger will provide valuable additions to your arsenal and enhance your future endeavors.

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