Escape from Tarkov: Humanitarian Supplies Quest Guide

Escape From Tarkov is a challenging first-person shooter game that tests your survival skills. One of the quests in the game is the Humanitarian Supplies, which is given by Peacekeeper.

In this quest, you are required to mark two trucks, obtain MRE ration packs, and eliminate Scavs on Shoreline.

In this guide, we will walk you through the quest objectives, and rewards, and provide helpful tips to complete the quest successfully.

Humanitarian Supplies Quest Details

The quest is given by Peacekeeper, who informs you that two Ural trucks carrying UN-marked crates were attacked, and he needs your help to locate and mark the trucks.

Additionally, you are required to obtain five MRE ration packs and eliminate ten Scavs while wearing a UN uniform. Peacekeeper provides you with an UNTAR helmet and an MF-UNTAR body armor to wear while eliminating the Scavs.

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Humanitarian Supplies Quest Objectives

  • Locate and mark the first truck with an MS2000 on Shoreline
  • Locate and mark the second truck with an MS2000 Marker on Shoreline
  • Obtain 5 MRE ration packs
  • Hand over the ration packs
  • Eliminate 10 Scavs while wearing a UN uniform (MF-UNTAR body armor and UNTAR helmet) on Shoreline.

Humanitarian Supplies Quest Rewards

Completing the Humanitarian Supplies quest rewards you with 11,500 XP, 0.03 reputation with Peacekeeper, ~900 Dollars, 2x Weapon parts, and unlocks the purchase of an AK-74 Hexagon 5.45×39 sound suppressor.

Humanitarian Supplies Quest Guide

The quest requires you to mark two trucks on Shoreline using MS2000 Markers, obtain MRE ration packs, and eliminate Scavs while wearing a UN uniform. Here’s how to complete each objective.

Humanitarian Supplies Truck Location
humanitarian supplies tarkov

Mark the Trucks

The first objective is to locate and mark the two trucks on Shoreline using MS2000 Markers. You can find the trucks near the southern end of the map. Look for the first truck near the crashed plane in the middle of the map, and the second truck near the pier on the southern end of the map.

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Obtain MRE Ration Packs

To obtain the five MRE ration packs, you can either buy them from the Flea Market or find them in the raid. The ration packs are a common item in the game, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them.

Scavs Location on Shoreline
humanitarian supplies tarkov

Eliminate Scavs

To eliminate 10 Scavs while wearing a UN uniform, you need to wear the UNTAR helmet and MF-UNTAR body armor provided by Peacekeeper. You can find the Scavs on Shoreline near the gas station, power station, and scav island. Look for Scavs wearing scav vests or scav backpacks, as these are more likely to drop the items you need.

Humanitarian Supplies Quest Helpful Tips

  • Always wear the UN uniform when eliminating Scavs to complete the objective.
  • Use a map or compass to navigate the Shoreline map to locate the trucks and Scavs more easily.
  • Bring a backpack to store the MRE ration packs and other loot you collect during the quest.
  • Be cautious when approaching the Scavs, as they can be dangerous and attack you on sight.
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The Humanitarian Supplies quest in Escape From Tarkov is a challenging but rewarding task. By following our guide, you should be able to complete the quest objectives and earn rewards.