Escape from Tarkov: Out of Curiosity Quest Guide

When you explore the streets of the Espace from Tarkov there is one quest that catches your attention Out of Curiosity. This quest is given to you by the Therapist, and it becomes available after completing Chemical Part 3 and Chemical Part 4 from Skier. But what sets this quest apart from other quests is its unique nature. It’s a multiple-choice quest that offers you the chance to make decisions and reap rewards based on your choices.

The quest is also intricately linked with Prapor (Big Customer) and Skier (Chemical – Part 4), each offering its own set of rewards. So, let’s check into the details of the out of curiosity quest.

Quest Dialogue

Out of Curiosity Quest Dialogue, As you converse with the Therapist, her concern is evident. She reveals that Skier, a disreputable figure, is pursuing lucrative interests involving secret experiments on a substance known as the yellow chemical. She implores you to share the coordinates of the chemicals with her, promising a handsome reward. She's aware of your past encounters with Skier and appeals to you for the sake of the people.

Objectives of Out of Curiosity Quest

  • Your mission is to locate the transport carrying the chemicals in the dangerous territory of Customs.
  • Once found, you need to mark the chemical transport vehicle with an MS2000 Marker to complete the quest.
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Required Items for Out of Curiosity Quest

  • To mark the vehicle, you’ll need an MS2000 Marker, which is essential for completing the quest.

Rewards for Completing Out of Curiosity Quest

  • Completing the quest grants you +7700 XP, boosting your experience in Tarkov.
  • Your reputation with Therapist also receives a minor boost of +0.04, enhancing your relationship with her.
  • You’ll also receive ~190,000 Roubles, a valuable currency in Tarkov.
  • Additionally, an unknown reward awaits you, possibly a valuable Medicine case to aid you in your future endeavors.

Guide for Out of Curiosity Quest

Out of Curiosity vehicle location
Location to find Transport Vehicle in Customs map

Brace yourself and journey to the Customs map, where the transport vehicle carrying the precious chemicals awaits. You need to go to the boiler side of the custom map as shown in the below map.

Go to the new Gas Station location and then take the right direction there you will find the warehouse called Container. Simply go inside the warehouse and there you find a van with open gates. Place the marker on the vehicle. After placing the marker exit from the nearest extraction point to complete the quest.

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As you wrap up your quest, the decision of whom to return it to is entirely in your hands. Take your time to review the return choices and rewards carefully, considering the impact on your reputation and the rewards offered by each trader.

Your choices shape your journey in Tarkov, so choose wisely. May your adventures in Tarkov be filled with excitement, challenges, and rewarding outcomes as you embark on the quest of Out of Curiosity!