Escape From Tarkov: Minibus Quest [Explained]

In Escape From Tarkov, the Minibus quest is a task given by the Mechanic trader. The objective of the quest is to retrieve an item from a crashed minibus on the Customs map.

Minibus Quest in Escape from Tarkov

Accepting the Quest: The quest is available from level 10 and can be accepted from the Mechanic trader. The player is tasked to retrieve a Secure Flash Drive that was lost in a minibus crash in the Customs map.

Locating the Minibus: The crashed minibus can be found on the Customs map, in the “Trailer Park” area. The minibus is located on the side of the road and can be easily identified by the wreckage and a dead body lying next to it.

Retrieving the Secure Flash Drive: The Secure Flash Drive is located in the front seat of the minibus, which is accessible through the front window. The player needs to climb onto the hood of the car and jump through the broken windshield to retrieve the drive.

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Extracting with the Secure Flash Drive: Once the Secure Flash Drive is retrieved, the player needs to extract from the Customs map. This can be done through one of the extraction points on the map, such as the Crossroads or the Trailer Park.

Reward: Upon successfully extracting with the Secure Flash Drive, the player can turn it in to the Mechanic trader for a reward. The reward includes experience points and reputation with the Mechanic trader. Additionally, the quest can be repeated once every 24 hours for a chance to earn more rewards.

Completing the Minibus quest is important for progression in Escape From Tarkov, as it helps the player earn experience points and reputation with the Mechanic trader.

Additionally, the Secure Flash Drive is an important item for completing other quests and can be sold for a high price on the flea market.

Explanation on Minibus Quest in Escape From Tarkov

The Minibus quest is a task given to players in Escape From Tarkov by the character Jaeger. In this quest, players must find and deliver three items to Jaeger in exchange for rewards.

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To start the Minibus quest, players must have completed the requirements of the previous quests given by Jaeger. These quests involve players reaching a certain level and completing other tasks. Once these requirements are met, players can start the Minibus quest.

In the Minibus quest, players are tasked with finding and delivering three items to Jaeger. The items are as follows:

  • 3M armor
  • LBT-8005A backpack
  • M1A SOCOM 16 Mount

Once players have found these items, they must bring them to Jaeger in exchange for the reward.

The rewards for completing the Minibus quest include a significant amount of experience points, as well as the ability to purchase items from Jaeger. Additionally, players may also receive unique items as part of the reward.

To complete the Minibus quest, players should take their time and explore the game world thoroughly. The items needed for the quest can be found in a variety of locations, including loot boxes, caches, and dead bodies. Players should also be prepared to face off against other players, as the game world of Escape From Tarkov is a PvP environment.

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Overall, the Minibus quest is a challenging but rewarding task that requires players to explore the game world of Escape From Tarkov and use their skills to find and deliver important items.

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