Shaking Up the Teller Quest in Escape From Tarkov

“Shaking Up the Teller” is a quest in the game Escape From Tarkov, and it involves completing tasks for the Prapor NPC. The quest requires players to go to the Tarkov Bank on the Interchange map and obtain several items that are scattered throughout the building.

Shaking Up The Teller Quest in Escape From Tarkov Explained

Talk to Prapor: To begin the quest, players must first talk to the Prapor NPC in the Hideout. Prapor will provide the player with a list of items they need to find in the Tarkov Bank.

Go to the Tarkov Bank: The Tarkov Bank is located on the Interchange map. Players must go there and find the items on the list provided by Prapor. The items include:

  • Two black keycards
  • One blue keycard
  • One document case
  • Two flash drives

Finding the Black Keycards: The two black keycards are found in the offices on the second floor of the bank. One keycard is found in the safe in the CEO’s office, while the other is found in a filing cabinet in the financial director’s office.

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Finding the Blue Keycard: The blue keycard is located in a safe in the server room on the first floor of the bank. The room is locked, and players must use the blue keycard to enter it.

Finding the Document Case: The document case is located in the security room on the first floor of the bank. Players must locate the security room and loot the case.

Finding the Flash Drives: The two flash drives are located in the computer room on the second floor of the bank. Players must loot the room to find the drives.

Turn in the Items to Prapor: Once players have obtained all of the required items, they must return to the Prapor NPC in the Hideout and turn them in. The player will be rewarded with experience points and money, and the quest will be completed.

Overall, the “Shaking Up the Teller” quest is a challenging but rewarding quest that requires players to explore the Tarkov Bank and obtain several valuable items. Players must use their skills and knowledge of the game to successfully complete the quest and earn their rewards.

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Explanation of the Shaking Up the Teller quest in Escape From Tarkov

Quest Overview: Shaking Up the Teller is a Prapor quest in Escape from Tarkov. It is part of the questline called “Fishing Gear.” In this quest, the player is tasked with obtaining a gold chain, a bronze lion, and a cat figurine.


Find a gold chain: The gold chain can be found in various locations in Tarkov, including hidden stashes and safes. Players can also find them on Scavs or by trading with other players.

Find a bronze lion: The bronze lion is a rare item that can only be found in the Shoreline resort area. Players will need to search through the various rooms and lootable areas to find it.

Find a cat figurine: The cat figurine can be found in the Goshan store on the Interchange map. It is usually located on a shelf in the back of the store.

Rewards: Upon completing this quest, players will receive a significant amount of
experience points, as well as an MP5 submachine gun.

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  • It is best to focus on finding the gold chain first, as it can be the most difficult item
    to obtain.
  • The bronze lion can be found in a locked safe in room 222 on the second floor of
    the Shoreline resort.
  • The cat figurine is easy to miss in the Goshan store, so be sure to search

Requirements: To unlock this quest, players must first complete the quest “Delivery from the Past” and reach level 15.

Conclusion: Shaking Up the Teller is a challenging quest in Escape from Tarkov, but it offers a valuable reward for completing it. Players will need to search high and low to find the required items and may need to battle other players or Scavs in the process. However, with patience and persistence, completing this quest is well worth the effort.

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