Escape from Tarkov The Guide Quest Guide

Escape from Tarkov is a popular multiplayer first-person shooter game known for its intense and realistic gameplay.

Within the game, players can undertake various quests to earn rewards and progress in the game. One such quest is “The Guide,” which involves becoming a professional guide for newcomers in the city.

In this article, we will explore the details of this quest, including the requirements, objectives, rewards, failure dialogue, and a comprehensive guide on how to complete it successfully.


Before embarking on “The Guide” quest, there are certain requirements that must be met. To initiate this quest, players must reach level 40, indicating a certain level of experience within the game.


The objectives of “The Guide” quest involve surviving and successfully extracting from different locations within the game. The specific locations that need to be completed are as follows.

  1. Survive and extract from Woods with the “Survived” exit status.
  2. Survive and extract from Customs with the “Survived” exit status.
  3. Survive and extract from Interchange with the “Survived” exit status.
  4. Survive and extract from Shoreline with the “Survived” exit status.
  5. Survive and extract from Factory with the “Survived” exit status.
  6. Survive and extract from The Lab with the “Survived” exit status.
  7. Survive and extract from Reserve with the “Survived” exit status.
  8. Survive and extract from Lighthouse with the “Survived” exit status.
  9. Survive and extract from Streets of Tarkov with the “Survived” exit status.
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These objectives require players to navigate through each location successfully and escape without dying or running out of time.


Upon completing “The Guide” quest, players are rewarded with various benefits and items. The rewards for successfully finishing this quest are as follows:

  • +42,600 EXP
  • Peacekeeper Rep +0.04
  • 25,000 Dollars
  • 26,250 Dollars with Intelligence Center Level 1
  • 28,750 Dollars with Intelligence Center Level 2
  • 1× EOTech HHS-1 hybrid sight (Tan)
  • 1× Ops-Core SLAAP armor helmet plate (Tan)
  • 3× AR-15 Vltor MUR-1S 5.56×45 upper receiver

Upon successful completion of the quest, you are commended for your work and assured that you will be contacted in the future for further instructions.


Escape from Tarkov The Guide
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To successfully complete “The Guide” quest, players must survive a raid at each location consecutively without dying, disconnecting, or running out of time. Failing to meet these conditions will require restarting the quest.

Extracting from a raid with a “Run Through” status will not reset the quest but will not count as a completed raid. To avoid the “Run Through” status, players must gain at least 200 EXP in the raid, either through killing or looting, or remain in the raid for at least 7 minutes before extracting.

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It is not necessary to complete the maps in a specific order, allowing players to choose their own path as long as they successfully survive each raid.

Completing “The Guide” quest requires meticulous planning, skillful gameplay, and a deep understanding of the various locations within Escape from Tarkov.

Players must navigate the treacherous environments, engage in combat with both AI-controlled Scavs and other players, and extract safely to achieve the quest’s objectives.


“The Guide” quest in Escape from Tarkov offers an exciting and challenging adventure for players seeking to test their skills and reap generous rewards.

By surviving and successfully extracting from various locations, players can become accomplished guides within the game, earning valuable experience, reputation, and a range of useful items.