How To Get Free items From Characters in Fortnite

Characters (NPCs) are a part of Fortnite and have been present on the island since Chapter 1. It is important to know how you can use them to your advantage in the game.

They can offer useful nuggets of information, sell exotic weapons and provide services like being a bodyguard. Wait there is one you missed, you can even get free items from them!

talk the characters to receive free items
talk to characters to receive free items

Many players may not have been aware of this feature of NPCs. In this season’s week 12 quests, one of the quests demands players to talk to five characters (NPCs) in order to receive free items and upon completion of the quest 25,000 experience points (XP).

In this article, we will give you steps on how to complete this quest.

Find and Land Next to an NPC

fortnite talk to npc
Image Credit: Comrad3s (YouTube)

This is the very first step in getting free items from NPCs. There are many NPCs in Fortnite and they are scattered all over the map. However, it’s not all characters that offer free items and you might have to try your luck with different characters. Here we shared the locations of all NPC available in Chapter 4 Season 2.

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Interacting with them to receive free items

talk npc to get free items fortnite
Image Credit: Comrad3s (YouTube)

After locating a NPC you will have to interact with them in order to get the items from them. To talk to a character, simply approach them and press the interact button. Once you’ve interacted with them, they will give you a free item.

You can only get one free item from each character per match. However, you can talk to as many characters as you want. Ensure your inventory is not full when the free items are awarded or they will be dropped on the floor for you to manually pick them up.

With a little bit of luck and effort, you should be able to find plenty of characters that give free items in Fortnite. This is all for how to get free items from NPC in Fortnite for more similar content do check our Fortnite guides section.

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