Escape From Tarkov The Punisher Part 1 Quest Guide

Hey guys, welcome to a proper task guide for “The Punisher Part One” in Escape from Tarkov. In this task, we’re going to focus on eliminating 15 Scavs on the Shoreline map while using AKM series weapons. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to complete the task efficiently and successfully.

Task Overview: Eliminating Scavs on Shoreline

Before we dive into the details, let’s get an overview of the task requirements. To start this task, you need to be at least Level 17.

Task Objectives

The main objective of this task is to eliminate 15 Scavs on the Shoreline map while using any of the AKM series weapons. The AKM series includes the AKM, AKMN, AK MS, and AK MSN.

Task Rewards

Upon successful completion of the task, you will be rewarded with the following:

  • +10,200 EXP
  • Prapor Reputation +0.02
  • 40,000 Roubles (Without an Intelligence Center)
  • 42,000 Roubles (With Intelligence Center Level 1)
  • 46,000 Roubles (With Intelligence Center Level 2)
  • 1x 6B43 6A Zabralo-Sh body armor
  • Unlocks the purchase of SV-98 7.62x54R bolt-action sniper rifle at Prapor T3
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Now that we understand the task requirements, let’s discuss the recommended AKM series weapons for this task.

Recommended AKM Series Weapons for the Task

To successfully complete the task, you need to use one of the following AKM series weapons:

  1. AKM
  2. AKMN
  3. AK MS
  4. AK MSN

These weapons provide the necessary firepower and versatility to eliminate the required number of Scavs effectively.

Modifying the AKM for Efficiency

the punisher part 1
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Modifying your AKM series weapon can significantly enhance its performance and make it more suitable for taking down Scavs. Let’s discuss the recommended modifications for your AKM.

AKM Build Options

  1. PSO Scope: The PSO scope provides a magnified sight picture, allowing for better target acquisition at medium to long ranges.
  2. Pistol Grip: Upgrading to a better pistol grip can improve ergonomics and reduce recoil.
  3. AKC A8RS 47 Handguard: This handguard offers additional rail space for attaching accessories such as foregrips, lasers, and flashlights.
  4. Silencer: Adding a silencer to your AKM can reduce muzzle noise and muzzle flash, making it easier to engage Scavs without revealing your position.
  5. UVG Tactical Foregrip: The UVG tactical foregrip improves stability and recoil control, enhancing your weapon handling.
  6. Laser: Attaching a laser sight to your AKM can provide better hip-fire accuracy and target acquisition.
  7. 45-Degree Mount (Optional): A 45-degree mount allows you to mount an additional sight, such as a red dot or holographic sight, for close-quarters engagements.
  8. Sight (Optional): If you prefer a secondary sight, consider attaching a red dot or holographic sight for faster target acquisition in close-quarters combat.
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These modifications are aimed at improving your weapon’s accuracy, recoil control, and versatility, making it more effective against Scavs.

Where to Find Scavs on Shoreline

You’ll need to locate and eliminate Scavs on the Shoreline map to complete the task. Here are some key areas where Scavs frequently spawn:

  1. Road to Customs Area: Scavs can be found near the road leading to the Customs extraction point.
  2. Construction Yard and Blue Fence Area: Scavs often spawn near the construction yard and the blue fence area.
  3. Weather Station (Radar Dome): Check around the weather station for Scav spawns.
  4. Power Plant and Electric Towers: Scavs can be found near the power plant and the electric towers.
  5. Gas Station and Pier: Scavs may be present near the gas station and the pier area.
  6. Scav Island: Scav Island, located on the eastern side of the map, is a common spawn point for Scavs.
  7. Tunnel and Varuna Road Extract: Scavs can be encountered near the tunnel and the Varuna Road extraction point.
  8. Cottage and Construction Site: Scavs may be present near the cottage and the construction site.
  9. Bus Station: Check the bus station area for Scavs.
  10. Resort (West Wing, East Wing, and Admin): Scavs can be found in and around the resort area, including the West Wing, East Wing, and Admin buildings.
  11. Rock Extract and Bunker: Scavs may be present near the rock extract and the bunker area.
  12. Swamp Area: Check the swampy area near the coast for Scav spawns.
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Remember, completing the task may require multiple attempts, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed on your first try. With persistence, practice, and these tips in mind, you’ll increase your chances of successfully eliminating Scavs on Shoreline in Escape from Tarkov.