Stardew Valley Walleye Fishing, Location | Guide

In Stardew Valley, fishing is very important, and there are many different kinds of fish that players can catch from various locations on the landscape. In addition to being extremely profitable, it can also raise several skill levels.

All you needed for fishing was a fishing rod and some water. The Walleye is the one that people desire to catch the most. Another fish you might catch when fishing in Stardew Valley is a walleye. This article will instruct you on where to find and raise walleye as well as what to do with it.

Where to Find Walleye in Stardew Valley?

Walleye is a surprisingly delicious fish in real life and a great fish for the fall and winter seasons in Stardew Valley. Walleye is not that hard to catch, walleye fish has pretty strict time and time limits and as such can be a little hard to find.

You are also able to find the walleye in the trash occasionally and on their mobile phones mainly and in autumn and winter, if you have got luck in your hand.

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Stardew Valley Walleye Location
How to Catch Walleye Fish in Stardew Valley

For those who don’t like to fish and feel lucky, walleye can be found randomly in trash cans and in the tourist cart in autumn and winter. Walleye is a freshwater fish that can be caught in four different locations.

Once all these conditions are met, head to the Forest Pond and Cindersap River, Mountain Lake or Pelican Town River to catch zander from the Stardew Valley.

You have to go to the Pelican Town River, Cindersap Forest Pond, and Mountain Lake, if you want to find them more often. To catch it in Stardew Valley, you must visit the river, Cindersap Forest Pond, Mountain Lake, or farm pond on a rainy fall or winter day from 12:00 to 2:00.

You can only catch walleye on rainy days, so be careful when the season is right for fishing. To catch walleye, you need to go to your favourite fishing spot between 12 noon and 2 am on an autumn day when it rains.

How to Farm Walleye in Stardew Valley?

You should sell this exact fish and this is the best possible thing to do with this fish, as setting up a Walleye farm and selling them for more Gold is not too difficult.

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So, to get started, you have to go to see Robin who is available at the Carpenter’s Shop and then just spend 5,000g on a Fish Pond.

How To Catch Walleye In Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley: Walleye

She needs two days to complete the pond.Primarily, players can keep three fish, but if all fishing tasks are completed, you’ll get the capacity of the pond reaching to ten. Get the following goods and throw them into the pond to increase the amount of Walleye there.

  • At the Capacity of 5:3 Acorns, 3 Pine Cones, 10 Bug Meat, 3 Maple Seeds
  • At the Capacity of 7:3 Gold Ore, 5 Mixed Seed, 1 Maple Syrup
  • At the Capacity of 10: 1 Crayfish, 1 Honey, 2 Jade, 1 Periwinkle

Walleye can be kept in ponds and they breed every 3 days. There’s nothing special or special about this look, nor does it create any special items, but it’s a quick way to improve your fish pond.

The base price for selling the offspring will be 131g, and the maximum price will be 157g, in case, if the player is a Fisher or Angler.

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Recipes, Tailoring, and Quests Related to Walleye

There aren’t any walleye-specific recipes in Stardew Valley. However, it can be utilized in three distinct recipes:

  • Sashimi
  • Maki roll
  • Quality Fertilizer

Sashimi is one of Linus’s favorite cuisines and a fantastic method to get some friendship hearts if you want to strengthen your relationship with him.

You can restore your 100 Energy and also 45 Health by using the Maki roll. Of course, having proper fertilizer around the farm will always boost the likelihood of producing high-quality crops.

Additionally, a Walleye is required to build a Fishing Vest for those who are using a sewing machine. Also, Players can pick up a random task that requires them to find a Walleye by going to the Help Wanted board at Pierre’s General Store. They will gain 315g and 150 Friendship points by doing this.

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