Fortnite: Fastest Ways To Get Battle Stars (2024)

Fortnite Battle Stars are essential for unlocking skins and other rewards in the game’s Battle Pass system. While playing regularly is the best way to obtain Battle Stars for free, there are tips and tricks you can use to maximize your XP gains. 

Completing challenges, collecting XP coins, and purchasing Battle Stars with V-Bucks are just a few ways to speed up your progress. In this article, we will explore the fastest ways to get Battle Stars in Fortnite, including playing with friends, completing challenges, collecting XP coins, and more.

The Fastest Ways To Get Battle Stars in Fortnite

Fortnite battle stars
how to get battle stars in fortnite

Below we mentioned some of the quickest ways from which you can grab the battle stars medal in Fortnite.

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Play Fortnite with your friends

Teaming up with other players in Fortnite won’t give you any XP bonuses, but it can be helpful to complete squad-related challenges. Inviting a friend or two before tackling your quest log can make a difference since better communication can lead to faster completion of quests.

Gain XP from Playing Matches

To obtain Battle Stars in Fortnite, you must level up your character by playing the game. Playing regularly is the best way to get Battle Stars for free. However, you can maximize your XP gains by using a few tips and tricks. These tips start with minor aspects such as kills, survival time, and placement.

For example, you can earn 50 XP for the first kill in a match and 20 XP for each subsequent kill, up to a maximum of seven kills. 

You can also earn 17 XP per minute of survival time after the first minute, up to a maximum of 14 minutes. 

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Additionally, you can earn 25 XP for placing in the top 20, 100 XP for the top 10, and 300 XP for achieving a Victory Royale.

Complete Weekly and Daily in-game Challenges

Completing challenges is the fastest way to get battle pass stars, and you can complete them faster in the Team Rumble game mode. Prioritize completing legendary quests for better rewards. Prepare for the quests beforehand by watching YouTube guides and stacking daily quests for Supercharged XP. Make sure to collect enough Battle Stars to unlock all the skins you want before a season ends.

Focus on Collecting XP Coins

Epic Games often places XP coins around the Fortnite map from the seventh week of each season, which can come with challenges of their own. Players can find guides online to locate them, and collecting them can be a rewarding experience, providing an extra source of XP. It may take a few matches to collect them all.

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To unlock all the levels in the battle pass quickly without grinding, you can purchase them with V-Bucks. Although it may seem like cheating, purchasing Battle Stars allows you to bypass challenges since you won’t need XP to max out your battle pass.

These are some of the fastest ways from which you can get battle stars in Fortnite. We recommend you focus on completing weekly and daily in-game activities to get battle stars more quickly.

This is all for how to get battle stars in the Fortnite guide for more similar guides such as how to refer a friend or how to get new survey skins do refer to our Fortnite guides panel.