Fortnite Ranked Global Leaderboard: Battle Royale and Zero Build

Fortnite Ranked was only added just recently and many dedicated players have made it their sole purpose to climb to the top of the ranks as many have coveted the unreal rank.

While reaching the highest rank can be satisfactory, it doesn’t compare with seeing your name reflected on the global leaderboard. The leaderboard is available for both Battle Royale and Zero Build but it is important to note that both these modes have their own separate rankings.

Meaning, ranking top in Battle Royale does not automatically guarantee you to rank top in Zero Build Ranked leaderboard.

The Fortnite Ranked Leaderboard is a way for players to track their progress and see how they compare to other players.

How to Check the Fortnite Ranked Leaderboard

Fortnite Global Leaderboard
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To check the Fortnite Ranked Leaderboard, players will need to visit the official Fortnite website and will be required to sign in with their epic games account for them to access their ranking.

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Players can toggle between the leaderboards for Battle Royale mode and Zero Build mode by using a drop-down menu. Players can also check the stats of other players or specific players by searching them on the search bar.

Check Fortnite Global Leaderboard
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It is important to note that the leaderboard is updated every 15 minutes so players can see how their rank changes over time. Also, players can only play Ranked matches if they have a valid email address and phone number linked to their Epic Games account.


Fortnite Ranked is a new and exciting way to play Fortnite. The mode offers a competitive experience for players of all skill levels, and the rewards are sure to motivate players to keep playing. If you’re looking for a new way to challenge yourself in Fortnite, be sure to check out Ranked.