Fortnite Web Battles All Quests and Rewards

Fortnite Web Battles is a new event in Fortnite that allows players to earn rewards by completing quests for either Team Miles or Team 2099. The event runs from May 18 to May 22, and players can earn a variety of rewards, including emotes, sprays, and pickaxes.

To participate in Web Battles, players must first choose a team. They can do this by visiting the Web Battles website and logging in with their Epic Games account. Once they have chosen a team, they can start completing quests.

The quests in Web Battles are simple and easy to complete. They typically involve things like eliminating opponents, dealing damage, or collecting items. Players can earn one point for each quest they complete, and their points will be added to their team’s total.

At the end of the event, the team with the most points will be declared the winner. The winning team will receive a special reward, and all players who participate will earn a variety of other rewards, regardless of which team they were on.

Fortnite Web Battles Rewards
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Fortnite Web Battles Quests and Rewards

Here is a list of the quests and rewards available in Web Battles:

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Web Battles Quests

  • Eliminate opponents (1 point)
  • Deal damage to opponents (1 point for every 100 damage)
  • Restore your shield (1 point for every 100 shields)
  • Deal critical damage to opponents (1 point for every 100 critical damage/headshots)
  • Survive Storm Circles (1 point for every Storm Circle survived)

How to Complete Fortnite Web Battles Quests

In order to get started with the Fortnite Web Battles you need to visit its official website. Then login into your Epic Games account and choose your team Team 2099 or Team Miles.

More importantly, each day you will get new quests the starting quest will be Eliminate opponents. Each kill that you get in the game will reward with a single point.

The progress that you make in the Fornite Web Battles quests will count on battle objective progress. At the end of the daily battle, your team will be rewarded with Miguel’s Glare Emoticon or the Shocked Miles Emoticon.

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Web Battles Rewards

  • Miguel’s Glare Emoticon (for the winning team)
  • Shocked Miles Emoticon (for the losing team)
  • Web Shooter Emote (for completing 10 quests)
  • Web Shooter Spray (for completing 20 quests)
  • Web Shooter Pickaxe (for completing 30 quests)

How To Get Fortnite Web Battles Rewards

In case you’re wondering, what happens if you’re the team that you’ve chosen does not win each day till the Fortnite Web Battles event? Don’t get worried there is also another way from which you can unlock the Fortnite Web Battles Rewards.

If you are able to get the 40 points by the end of the event from each day’s objectives you can unlock the  Spider-Ham Mallet Pickaxe and built-in Emote and  Spiderman Miles Morales rewards.

Players are allowed to switch teams on a daily basis but they need to make sure they do so 8 hours before the end of daily battles.

I hope this guide helps you complete the Web Battles quests and earn some free rewards!

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