What is Fox Cub and Spirit in Black Desert Online? Explained

Black Desert Online is an action-packed game that is filled with fantasy visuals and intense fight sequences. It is similar to most warrior games in which you need to select the characters, fight the enemies, win bonus points, level up your game, and perform different tasks in order to process the timeline.

Black Dessert Online regularly gives various updates and events from time to time in order for the players to interact more with the engine and updates of the games. The game initiates various events in order to give precious rewards to the players. One such reward is the Fox Orb in BDO and we will be discussing it in detail about it.

Fox Cub and Spirit in Black Desert Online 1

Fox Orb in Black Desert Online

It was a reward in the Black Desert online which was an active event from January 5 till January 31. During this event, the players needed to log in to the game for at least 30 minutes in order to receive the valuable items.

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The items may include a magical Elixir, a drought box, and a Fox Orb. There was another reward if you are logged in to the game for more than one hour. In that case, you would be awarded with the advice of Valks, a Blessed message scroll, and two fox orb.

What are Fox Cub and Spirit?

In the event of the BDO Fox Orb event, we need to find the NPC named the Dongbeak which you will be able to find in Velia city in BDO.

To the NPC named Dongbreak, you need to bring the Fox Spirit every day. The Dongbeak will then help you in order to give you the Fox Cub and also help you to raise the Fox Cub with the Fox Orb. The fox orb could be gathered by playing different challenges and getting the rewards after winning.

Black Desert Online Rewards via Fox cub

The fox cub can give you additional rewards if you again visit the Dongbeak and give her the Fox Cub which you have raised. The maximum Fox Cub can get 9 tails mainly each tail of fox cub will give you various rewards. Below we mentioned all the rewards you will get according to the tails of Fox Cub.

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Fox CubRewards from Dongbreak
One Tail5x Memory Fragment
Two Tail5x Advice of Memory
Three Tail3x Corrupt Oil of Immortality
Four TailAdvice of Valks (44)
Five TailChoose Your Shakatu Box
Six TailCustom Storage Box
Seven Tail Advice of Valks (77)
Eight TailInventory 8 Expansion Coupon

There are various rewards that you may get with the Fox Cub. For instance, you can get advice on memory, Memory fragment, Storage boxes, inventory upgrade, and a lot more. Thus, the BDO Fox Orb is an essential way to get the rewards and level up your game. This is all you need to know about the BDO fox orbs.

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