How To Craft Ion Beam Ship in Cosmoteer

In the Cosmoteer Starship Architect & Commander, the ion beam can be very fatal. The ion beam can cause huge damage to whatever thing it hits. It is known to be a very powerful weapon in the cosmoteer. The beams can also hit the ion beam prism in order to refract and redirect into multiple numbers of beams.

If the beam hits a surface closer to the initial launch the damage is huge and if the distance is far the damage gets decreased accordingly. If you also want to know how to build an ion beam sip in cosmoteer they have hit the right place because we bring to you the method in order to build the ion beam ship in cosmoteer.

What is Ion Beam in Cosmoteer

We know that the ion prism is held in order to combine the ion beams. It should also be known that the prism does not add any DSP. Thus, the beams accumulate with the help of the prism to give the combined forces of damage to the surface.

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The main thing that we should remember is that the damage of the ion beam can be really vast if used within the ship rather than on the surfaces. So, let us now begin to learn how to make Ion Beam Ship in Cosmoteer.

How to Craft an Ion Beam Ship in Cosmoteer

You should know that the ion beam shoots only in a straight line. In order to build the ion beam ship you should follow some basic rules.

1. First of all, you should be able to converge two beams at the ion prism at the same instant. The ion beam contains a lot of energy due to the reactors nearby keep that in mind. You should have a wide ship.

2. The wide ship would help to keep everything in place rather than being accumulated in the same place. Thus, designing the ship is very crucial in order to take maximum advantage of the ion beam ship. The defense is also a crucial part when you look for the perfect attack.

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You should be ready with all the weapons and armor to get ready with the defense in order to tackle the attacks.

Thus, the ion beam ship is a crucial part of your attack which has the potential of high damage. The ion beam must fall into the ion prism to work efficiently.

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