Gamers Discontent with Harry Potter Quidditch Champions Playtest

A few lucky PC and console gamers got to experience Warner Bros. Games’ newest title Harry Potter Quidditch Champions. Based on the infamous broomstick-flying, goal-scoring wizarding sport, the competitive multiplayer game is relatively simple compared to the open-world RPG action of Hogwarts Legacy.

All players need to do is take the Quaffle, a ball similar to that of a rugby ball, and score a goal by throwing it through one of the opponent’s three hoops. Each team is made up of seven players consisting of one Seeker, one Keeper, two Beaters, and three Chasers. The Seeker chases the Golden Snitch, the Keeper shields the goalposts, Beaters tackle opponents while Chasers score with the Quaffle.

What is a Golden Snitch in Harry Potter?

harry potter quidditch
Gamers Discontent with Harry Potter Quidditch Champions

Here comes the most important part – the Golden Snitch. A walnut-sized gold-colored sphere with silver wings, the Golden Snitch is the most prized and difficult object to catch in a Quidditch Match. It moves at a high speed and is highly evasive as if the winged ball has a consciousness of its own.

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Whichever team snatches the Golden Snitch, they are awarded 150 points. The game comes to an end and it ends most likely in favor of the team who caught the Snitch. However, these mechanics in Harry Potter Quidditch Champions playtest seemed flawed.

Gamers Discontent with Harry Potter Quidditch Champions playtest

It took days or even weeks to catch a Golden Snitch according to Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. However, it appears Harry Potter Quidditch Champions has made some changes to the traditional rules of the game in favor of quicker matches. In a leaked game footage on Reddit, Harry Potter fans were discontent with how easy it was to catch a Golden Snitch and the points mechanism.

It took around 150 seconds to catch a Golden Snitch. Moreover, accomplishing the feat gave the team a meager 30 points. Some fans seem to be on board with the switch to more of a fast-paced game, while others are holding on to hopes of a more traditional take on Quidditch.

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Harry Potter Quidditch Champions is rumored to be released sometime in 2024. It is unknown whether it will be free-to-play or if there will there be in-game boosters that make it a hectic, pay-to-win game.