Warframe How to Unlock the Steel Path

Become a greater Tenno in the history of the Warframe by completing Steel Path in Warframe. It’s a pretty hard task and won’t be accessible by an average tenno. You have to complete the previous challenges, tasks, and quests in Warframe.

To unlock the steel path. Steel Path has set the bar too high for Warframe Tennos.  With all the great challenges in Warframe’s Steel Path, you can grab the unexceptional rewards. 

Warframe: Steel Path Explained in Detail

Steel Path Warframe
how to unlock steel path

Warframe Steel Path is not some regular daily challenge that you can accept and head straight into it. Warframe Steel Path is far more difficult than the original gameplay that exists in Warframe. In Steel Path you would face the same enemies but they have skills that many tennos won’t stand a chance near them.

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But, if you successfully defeat them the rewards will be as per the challenge. It’s also not easy to Unlock Steel Path in Warframe, you have to complete all nodes. 

Let’s find out Warframe How to Unlock the Steel Path.

How to Unlock Steel Path in Warframe?

Steel Path can be unlocked after you complete all the previous challenges of Warframe. If you have skipped the Star Chart node mission like Mutalist Alad V and Jordas Golem assassinated on Eris and Duviri is okay.

That is not required but you have to complete the other Star Chart like Dark Sectors, Lua, Kuva Fortress, and the Zariman Ten Zero.

origin system steel path
how to unlock steel path

Further, in detail, you need to complete Ropaloyst Node, which includes completing the Chimera Prologue and all related quests to that. Also, after that, you have to complete the Heart of Deimos Quest. 

As you complete the Star Chart, you have to talk to Teshin at Relay, where you have to ask him about the Steel Path. That’s all you need to do to unlock the Steel Path in Warframe.

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How to Activate the Steel Path in Warframe?

As you complete all the challenges and talk to Teshin at the relay, you have unlocked the Steel Path of Warframe. Now you can activate the hardest battle of your warframe by heading to Orbiter there you have to open the Navigation Menu. There, on the right side, you will have the option to switch between Normal mode and Steel Path Mode. 

Steel Path Stat
how to unlock steel path

Why is Warframe: Steel Path so hard?

To unlock the Steel Path in Warframe, you need to complete all main storyline challenges, which means it overall increases your skill in warframe. After that, there are many enemies you have to face, but they have unimaginable strength with respect to normal mode on Warframe. 

We have listed down the enemy stats of Warframe Steel Path:

  • Enemy Level: +100%
  • Enemy Health: +250%
  • Enemy Shield: +250%
  • Enemy Armour: + 250%
  • Resource Drop Chance: +100%
  • Mod Drop Chance: +100%
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Warframe: Steel Path Rewards

After knocking off some badass bosses you will have the following rewards:

  • Weapon Arcanes
  • Steel Essences
  • Merciless
  • Deadhead
  • Dexterity


To access the steel path you have to complete the whole storyline of Warframe, literally. As you do that talk to Teshin and by going into the Navigation Menu you can switch between normal and steel path challenges. The enemies are harder than you can imagine and the rewards are too.