10 Games like Tentacle Locker to Play in 2024

Tentacle Locker is a kind of simulation, casual, adventure and indie video game. “Led Glove Ltd” develops this game.

The story, which is included in this game, is about a monster who forces teenage girls to wear full sleeves dresses and skirts. This game involves dressing areas and the players have to unlock various lockers to move on.

Tentacle locker

Some games like Tentacle Locker are given below.

Sakura School Simulator

“Garusoft Development Inc.” developed the Sakura school simulator. It is a kind of single-player and adventurous game, which includes various anime characters.

The players have to choose a character and start their game and flirting with the NPC will be the main goal. There you have to make friends and then turn them into lovers. Here you will feel all the experiences in the school.

Camp buddy

If you are searching for a “Boys love visual novel video game” then you must try this game camp buddy. Here you will be able to adventure at Keitaro Nagame.

This game is developed by “Blits game”. You will get all the feelings of camping. The story includes childhood friends, fellows and all the unique personalities which you may love to have.

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The song of Saya

The song of saya is a kind of visual novel, psychological horror and a single-player-based video game. You have to play the role of Saya.

Nitroplus develop this game in the year of 2019 only for windows. You will get here the full suspense, thrill, pulsating flesh, and surprises during the whole game.

Tales of Symphonia

This game Tales of Symphonia developed by “Bandai Namco Entertainment”. This is an animated, single player and Japanese character role-playing video game only for windows. On steam, it gets around 3k positive reviews.

So based on this you may try this at once. Here you will be able to select characters from various Japanese characters and will be able to play around 80 hours gaming. This game is fully filled with romance, emotion, and drama that will give the feeling of 3D.

The Last Yandere

The last Yandere is a kind of visual novel, single-player, psychological horror animated video game. This game was developed by “Darius Immanuel D. Guerrero”.

This game includes mythological facts and a little twist of “sci-fi visual novel gameplay”. Here the players have to overcome the challenges to restore their life in the game and at the same time, they have to reveal the truth of the nightmares.

School days

Scholl day is also the game of single players and a visual novel released in the year 2005 for play station 2 and windows. This game includes a slice of a beautiful life, romance, and harem to give the experience of thrill which you may have not felt before.

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Here the story is of the character named Makoto Ito who read in a high school and fell in love while the second term was going on. Here the players have to give their best to get all the opportunities in the game to survive.

Ciconia When They Cry

This is also a single-player, visual novel game that is developed for the players by “07th expansion” for Windows and Mac only. Here are the characters named Higurashi and Umineko.

The players will find that this game will start with some people who are trying to stop the massive failure of WWIV. This will start as WWIII ends and feature Gauntlet Knights as various trained people.

Higurashi When They Cry

The game Higurashi when the cry was released in the year of 2015. This game includes mystery, visual novel and single-player-based animated video games. This is also developed by “07th expansion and MangaGamer” for various platforms.

The premise of this game, named Higurashi when they cry, is the element of psychological horror and offers the players thrilling gameplay. There the players will be able to get various options, which will drive them to the story of this game. This story is about a girl character named June who lives in a small village. The game is about her uncertain death of her.

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Katawa Shoujo

Thuis game Katawa Shoujo is a game of adventure, single-player, and a visual novel video game. This game was developed by “four leaf studios” for various platforms so that everyone can enjoy this game.

This game is all about five women and a young man who have different disabilities. This game includes spirit-based models and traditional text to make the players understand the gaming plot. In this game, you will be entertained during the whole game. This is a choice-based game.

Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki literature club is a visual novel, psychological horror and single-player video game. It was developed by “Team Salvato” and published by “Serenity Forge” for various platforms.

This game was launched in the month of June but now it is running all over the whole steam and got around 10k positive reviews. This game includes various animated characters that will be thrown into the poetry and romance world of gaming.

So these are all the suggestions for the game like tentacle lockers. Therefore, the players want to explore their gaming experience and they will be able to choose any one from all these suggestions.

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