10 Games Like Good Girl Gone Bad

Here we have listed some of the games like good girl gone bad based on similar gameplay.

Come along with Hora Machia, the famous Darota Machia’s son, on his crazy mission to win the support of the three most significant females in his school!

Analistica College is a raucous comedy that makes fun of popular visual book cliches and stars an egotistical protagonist who must battle to do the unimaginable. Can he actually accomplish it? Games like SUCCUBUS: The SIX Spells, Analistica Academy, Koikatu, SUIKAN QUEST,

SUCCUBUS, Hentai Mosaique Puzzle, Coliseum City Bride, Gals Panic S2, Jashinchan: 7th Devil. After a tragic breakup, Selene, who was formerly quite a lewd girl, is doing her utmost to go and get her life together.

Games like good girl gone bad
Games like good girl gone bad

However, everything is turned upside down whenever a couple of cunning demons (an incubus and a succubus) move in next door to her and pose as humans. The two twins ultimately decide to “teach mom the wrong in your methods” by placing her in a variety of undesirable circumstances.

Games Like Good Girl Gone Bad

Here are some of the games same as Good Girl Gone Bad.

Maid Mansion

A teenage boy has led a hard, isolated existence, but lately, things have looked to turn out better. A powerful brigadier general who recently passed away and left behind a mansion and a substantial estate is his grandpa.

Michael is given the estate as an inheritance, but only on the condition, that Takako, the head house cleaner, shall never be fired. He discovers that the house is much more than he anticipated when he settles in and takes charge of the home.

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Hailey’s Treasure Adventure

‘Hailey’ is a character that you command. A wealthy man once pays a visit to her farm while she plans a journey with her sister. He revealed to them that her father owed money and that he had made marriage promises to all of his daughters.

Unfortunately, he has been incommunicado for the past ten years, leaving the daughters with no alternative except to settle the loan or wed that man. If he gives her some time, Hailey promises to pay the loan but declines to get married to him.

Lona RPG

First, the English translation is incomplete. The remaining portion of the game is currently being worked on, but the DEMO version has been entirely localized in native and excellent English. Once all existing and upcoming conversations or texts have been translated into native, high-quality English, LonaRPG will be upgraded to a “Full Release”.

Furthermore, the basic game play and narrative of LonaRPG are “finished.” However, there are still a lot of incomplete details lacking, like the plotlines for additional characters, unfilled lore, and more sexy scenes!

Hentai Mosaique Puzzle

18+ required. Don’t really download the guide if you are a minor. Okay, let me explain. Much like most Striptease Jigsaw games, this one appears simple to complete but is not actually. It takes a significant amount of time, and possibly a second play-through, to achieve all achievements.

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Hentai puzzler, mini-visual novel, and RPG all mixed together. Now that they may finally meet you, all the Neko females around town have heard about you.  

Sisterly Lust

 To play this game 18+ must. Each of the characters has two statistics. Those are “trust and corruption”. The players have to be careful that they have not lost the trust of any sisters or siblings. If you break the trust then you will fail to play this game and a new home will be start.


 In this game, the players have to explore the mines, collect the ore, various jewels and stones to reach the next level. The players have to avoid to be knocked down otherwise they have to satisfy the enemies’ wicked desires.

To beat them you have to use your pickaxe and the explosive. Day by day you have to upgrade your character’s ability to easily survive in this game. All the collected jewels, stones, and money will be very helpful to purchase items and clothes for the players.


 Radiant is the game about a person who spends nights with various girls whom he wants or desires. However, the problem is his father to get back home has chased him. As per this the game continues. Therefore, the players have to think like that they have to save that guy.

Extra life

 To play this game 18+ have to be must. This game extra life is an adventurous game. This game includes the features of visual novels and the dating sim.

In this game, the players will be able to get various different ways or paths by which they will be able to interact with people surrounding them. It will help them especially when they are talking with females. As per your answers and the actions, the story will be different.

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Captivity is a kind of erotic, adult and action game. In this game, the players have to fight with the enemies who will be sexually driven. There you have to dodge, run, shoot, climb, kill, and climb and by doing all this you have to find the guns and purchase them. There are 5 levels and includes 20 enemies. You have to kill them to move on.

Fresh Woman

 This game is for the players who are above 18+. If you want to enjoy the ultimate challenge then this game is for you. Here you have to build the extreme and ultimate harem.

There will be girls with different kind of bodies you may like or dislike. In The episode 5 the players will be able to complete season 1 and after this a new update will come.

 These are all games like good girls gone badly.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hentai Mosaique Puzzle?

It is a game for adults. At the same time, it provides some facilities for the people, such as exercising caution and other factors.

How to use the Lona RPG?

The usage of Lona RPG has been utilised for developing the long term pattern for the development of Full release, at the same time, it helps to engage the peoples with utmost desire.

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