10 Best GTA 5 Sex Mod in 2024

GTA 5 is an open-world game, and there are several things the players can do to enjoy the game. They can interact with the NPCs and explore the world. There are also mods for GTA 5 to take your gameplay to a more modified level.

This article lists the top 10 sex mods in GTA 5, which will change your activities in the strip club, and for some fun times, it will spice up your game.

GTA 5 Sex Mods

Sex Mods GTA 5
Image via Rockstar North

Here is the list of the top of most popular mods used by several GTA 5 players and these mods have high ratting among the players?

Hot Coffee 

This mod will present you with a list of “sex options” You can choose whatever you want from them, allowing you to participate in sexual activities with NPCs. This is an old mod and is from GTA San Andreas.

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This is a physical appearance modifier mod. There are plenty of new sex outfits and textures with unique physics that will allow you to spice up the female characters. You can even customize your outfits.

Realistic Na*ed Body for Mpfemale 

This mod will add realism to the NPC female characters in the game. This will allow the NPCs to be more curvy and real-looking female models. This mod has 12 different customizations.

Re-Texture the Strip Club

This is a simple mod and allows you to modify the details about the strip club in GTA 5. You can choose from several things and modify the strip club.

Paradise City

This mod will make all the Female NPCs on the beach of Los Santos topless, adding more topless NPCs throughout the game.

N*de Beach Girls

This mod replaces all the girls on the beaches and pools with a n*de version of them. 

Specific character mods from INSANOGAMES

INSANOGAMES creates this mod; with this mod, you can only change specific models of pedestrians, and it is better than other mods. You can cherry-pick what you want instead of replacing the whole package.

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Specific character mods from RoseCreationsYT

The YouTuber RoseCreationsYT creates this mod. They also made the kinky bodies enhanced mod which allows all the NPCs to have a high level of quality of their appearance, including their features, clothes, and physics.

See-through shirts for MP Females

This mod will add 16 high-quality see-through shirts for you to have on the playable characters; the tops have a different variety for you to choose from.

New Startup Girl

This will change the girls on the startup loading screen when you are about to play the game. With this mod, you will see na*ed girls on the startup page.