90+ Jurassic World Evolution Mods 2024

Looking for some of the best Jurassic World Evolution Mods, Well here I have composed an ultimate list of mods that you can use in Jurassic World Evolution.

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Jurassic World Evolution – Introduction

The Jurassic World Evolution is one of the popular simulation video games that includes over 49 dinosaurs whose genes have the potential to be modified. Here are some of the most popular Jurassic World Evolution Cheats.

As the player progresses in the game the player is given contracts in three sections Science, Security, and Entertainment. Unlocking this mode will allow you to play the game in the setting of Isla Nublar. Additionally, it can also be accessed without being unlocked from the main menu.

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Environment Rework

To make the game more visually appealing this mod improves the environments in Jurassic World Evolution. Terrain retexture is the most prominent feature here.

Different brushes, such as dirt and shrubs, have new textures that add more detail and color variation. Additionally, some of the props, such as rocks and trees, have been reworked. During the development of the mod, more information will be there.

Enhanced Terrain Tools

Replaces the stock terrain tools with Planet Coaster Style tools such as Hill, Valley, Flatten, Smooth, and Landscaping Paint. Included are more significant and smaller brushes, tool intensity, and a slider to replace the defined sizes.

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Jurassic World Evolution Mods

Mrtroodon Better looking fences

The mod essentially changes the fence model from the JW era to be more helpful in making parks. Most are installed like usual.

Apart from the base game, this mod does not have any known dependencies. Neither required nor recommended. The map, however, performs better as a result. To get a better experience (with no obligation), it would be best to have it.

Expanded Islands

You’re going to need to start new islands for this to work correctly, and if you open your previous parks with this mod, they’ll be glitched and stuck with this mod forever. Also, your parks will become corrupt if you erase your game copy and then try to open them, so back up your parks before you do that.

The new mod allows you to build more in your parks since it gives you more space!

Jurassic Park Expansion Pack

Essentially, Jurassic Park Expansion Pack adds new content to Jurassic Park Trilogy to make it more accurate to the movie. Dinosaurs are included in this book! As well, the loading screens, JP Decors, and the goat have been changed!

Keeping the mod as accurate as possible to the JP Trilogy while expanding the Return to Jurassic Park and other DLCs to their full potential is the goal.


You will have a brand new species in your game when you install this mod. Load the game by putting the Pachrino folder in your data folder!

Apart from the base game, this mod does not have any known dependencies. It is the author’s library or a collection of free-to-use modder’s resources that have been used in this file. You have opted-in to receive Donation Points for this mod.

Enhanced Mixed Eras Mod

This Mod provides the ability to build additional arrival helipads, limits on challenge islands, and unlimited sandbox time! Further, the Jurassic Park Tour Gate and the electric Tour Gate can now be constructed separately.

Mrtroodon model and Texture Edits

Changing the appearance of various species in the game is a simple mod.

Apart from the base game, this mod does not have any known dependencies.

Based on Kenner’s figure and its appearance in the Game Gear video game. Video game adaptation of The Lost World for PlayStation.


 As a result, Torvosaurus has replaced Allosaurus as a separate species. In addition, MrTroodon has updated the model, the LODs have been fixed, and ACSE is now used. Apart from the base game, this mod does not have any known dependencies.

Finless Deinonychus Model

A revamp on the Deinonychus, removing the basilisk fins, remodeling the head, and a few more edits.

An overhaul on the Deinonychus, making it look like a Deino instead of a basilisk hybrid.

  • The fins have been removed
  • Skull undergoing renovation
  • Less pronounced eyes
  • Having bigger arms
  • Having thicker tails
  • Pelvis with prominent prominence
  • Foot claws for the new era.

Dimetrodon New Species

This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points.

Place the Dimetron folder inside the data folder. This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

All dinosaurs (including new species) are ready for battle in the battle arena.

Baryonyx JW

It is a redesign of the Baryonyx that is inspired by the concept art for Jurassic World. The model is much smaller and less crocodilian-like than the original’s long and thin head.

In addition, the claw size is increased, and the general anatomy was fixed better to match the real animal and the original concept art. Sadly, the eyelids are NOT fully rigged as the head has been thinned and the eyes displaced from their original port design.

Various JWE Savedgames

This folder contains save games of a play-through on the Deluxe Edition of any single island, finished, and one where everything is done and unlocked, but all the islands are wiped out to start over.

It saves the game is unlocked so that the player can build a new park on the island of his or her choice, without fear of money or sabotage (the previous park left plenty of money and a high standing).


With this mod, you’ll get a brand-new hybrid to play with! It’s dracodentitan time! It is created by combining two ferocious dinosaurs, Baryonyx and Polacanthus!

Along with the campaign, you can find the Dracodentitan in the sandbox! As an additional option, you can conduct genetic research on Dracodentitan. The Ingen Database Entry for this creature in the campaign contains all the relevant information about its lore and genetic makeup.

AOG Edmontosaurus Annectens

A new Edmontosaurus annectens is presented instead of the Edmontosaurus from the base game.  Edmontosaurus is one of the few animals in Hell Creek that rival Tyrannosaurus in size, making it an imposing and majestic addition to your paddocks.

Apart from the base game, this mod does not have any known dependencies.


In the unused script for Jurassic Park 4, John Sayles wrote the survival of the Excavaraptor. This creature replaces nothing. The Excavaraptor folder should be dropped into the data folder in your JWE directory.

Beyond the base game, this mod appears to have no dependencies. This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points.


This dinosaur can only be seen in your game if you have installed the Herbivore Dinosaur Pack DLC. The download does not include any backups for preexisting dinosaurs since this is a standalone species.

For good measure, you should still back up your data folder and your preexisting saved games. For added compatibility with other mods, the ACSE patch moves the Psittacosaurus research icon to the Global Operations menu.

Ultimate Mixed Eras

The JW Challenge and Campaigns are unaffected. The Sandbox no longer has any building limits. Added unique tracks to the buildable tracks list. Adapts to all the buildings in the DLC. A return to Jurassic Park is all that is needed.

Campaigns are not affected. Sandbox is the only place you can build/limit your game. JW Challenge Mode is not affected. The three changes mentioned above are the only changes to JP Challenge Mode.

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Northfire’s Realistic Textures

This mod replaces textures in JWE to give it a more realistic and screen-accurate look.

A new set of grass, dirt, sand, shrubs, and rocks has been added to the ground. Rock – Improved rock mesh texture (works exceptionally well with the Environment Re-work mod’s higher resolution meshes. Flowerbeds and lush green bushes are gone.

 As a result, they are now shades of darker green, with some shadow added for extra detail. The grass is thinner.

T.rex Edits

Using the Sue specimen as the basis, this model is more scientifically accurate. This mod does not have any dependencies other than the base game.

This model of T. rex was based on the “Sue” specimen. Instructions for installing the program can be found in the readme file. This one replaces the T.rex base game.

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Expanded Paths Pylons and Fences

This mod will add new paths to the game. Will add new towers, powerlines, and fences in future updates.

Non Replacement Deinosuchus

This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points. Therefore, assets from this file cannot be included in mods/files that are sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or anywhere else. There is no way to convert this file to work with other games.

Invisible Fences

The fence you choose will be invisible for every era you choose! Although it still leaves a dirt footprint on the map, you can hide that with terrain paints, foliage, and water.

AOG Yangchuanosaurus Shangyouensis

It was initially intended for incorporation into Advanced Operation Genesis to be the Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis species in Jurassic World Evolution.

Yangchuanosaurus is a unique Jurassic World addition because of its majestic crests and fierce demeanor. Jurassic World Evolution has been updated to include the Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis.


The Ankylosaurus is being overhauled to appear more scientifically accurate. A new model-friendly skin has been created for all skins.

There are standard skins of brownish-grey, woodland skins of orange, jungle skins of green, wetlands of yellow, brown, and green. The vivid skins of yellow-brown and green are similar to jungle skin but more saturated.

Standalone Scenary Pack 1

Bringing Dannybob’s InGen Props and MrDandyMann’s Scenery set together in one standalone set!

There is no need to replace anything. Just put the folder in your data just like any other. Beyond the base game, this mod appears to have no dependencies. It has been configured to receive Donation Points.


Gigantoraptor, a gigantic oviraptorosaur from the Late Cretaceous period, is a new dinosaur added to the Gigantoraptor mod. The Iguanodon has unlocked on Isla Sorna/4 stars in Challenge Mode.

A mod known as the Awesome Cobra Script Extender/ACSE is required to use this mod. (You need the Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack and ACSE to add Gigantoraptor to the game.)


The game now includes Gojirasaurus. There is no need to replace anything with this mod. Lem Lem Nade made this texture. There is more detail in the detailed description of this mod that, it requires both Carnivore and Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC.

During the Early Triassic, the Gojirasaurus may have been a Coelophysid. Gojirasaurus Quayi inspired the model and skin of Green-Mamba. Copy the folder into your data folder to install the mod.

Non-Replacement Estemmenosuchus

  • Mods or files using assets from this file that will be sold on Steam Workshop or other platforms cannot contain assets from this file.

It has been accomplished! Finally, I found a way to make this! It took EG0 over an hour to type the text (he kept crashing). You are not opted-in for Donation Points for this mod.


In this mod, the Apatosaurus is replaced with Therizinosaurus, complete with images and names. Since rig editing isn’t yet possible, this is the best I can do while the mod is still in a WIP stage. Names, descriptions, and images of Apatosaurus have been updated to reflect Therizinosaurus.

Nemegt Formation is home to the Therizinosaurus. Archaeornithimimus is the basis for this model, though it has been dramatically modified. Although the animation is a bit weird, it’s only because a sauropod replaces it.


During the Late Cretaceous, rhabdodontid dinosaurs from the genus Zalmoxis lived in Romania.

  • It does not overwrite existing files, so no injection is required.
  • There is only support for the English language. You will always see English text regardless of which language you have set your game to.
  • Added a fix to fix crashing on the Spanish language on 7 March.


Monolophosaurus has been added to the game as a new species. So Monolophosaurus is a new species in your park that you can add with this mod!

The research will require ASCE and the Secrets of Dr. Wu and the Carnivore Dinosaur pack. Unfortunately, a donation point account is not set up for this mod.


Walking With Dinosaurs – The Ballad of Big Al inspired the design of the Allosaurus. 

  • The character Allo in the television show is different from this version. Considering the limitations, it was not possible to make the eyes much higher. Mods or files using assets from this file that will be sold on Steam Workshop or other platforms cannot contain assets from this file.
  • Mods that use the assets of others are not permitted to earn Donation Points.

JFD Apatosaurus Louisae

Apatosaurus louisae is a more scientifically accurate interpretation of Apatosaurus louisae than the original Apatosaurus found in Jurassic World Evolution. Nevertheless, Apatosaurus louisae is an impressive addition to your Morrison Formation paddock in Jurassic World, thanks to its robustness and muscular neck.

Replaces the vanilla Apatosaurus in Jurassic World Evolution with a more realistic representation.


Nanuqsaurus is a relatively small (keyword “relatively” here, since these guys were still giant beasties) tyrannosaurine that lived in Alaska during the Late Cretaceous period. With a little less than half a bar of Science reputation and four stars in Challenge Mode, it is unlocked in Isla Sorna.

Before anyone asks, no, that is not the case. It does not have polar bear-inspired skin. Further explanation can be found in its InGen Archive entry. However, if anyone would like to make skins for this dinosaur, feel free.

Saurophaganax Maximus

The Saurophaganax dinosaur species is added, as well as sound replacement options by mechanical means.

We have a questionable Allosaurid! Mecha’s Sound Replacement replaces the Allosaurus sound with Saurophaganax, introducing a new dinosaur species to the game, with skins inspired by Planet Dinosaur. For a replacement, there’s a download!


The genus Nasotyrannus, also known as the juvenile T. rex, includes a tyrannosaur with a highly dubious evolutionary record. Known as the fourth-smallest tyrannosaur, it was the last tyrannosaur to survive the Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction, also known as K-T mass extinction.

Mods should be copied into data with content folders to be added. For example, Nanotyrannus is a new species added to the game in this Mod. It gives you research on digital and fossils to unlock the dino on the game’s normal mode. 

AOG Camarasaurus Lentus

Added the Camarasaurus lentus originally meant for use in Advanced Operation Genesis to replace the Camarasaurus in the base game. Before installing, make sure you have a backup of your data.

Added the Camarasaurus lentus originally meant for use in Advanced Operation Genesis to replace the Camarasaurus in the base game. Camarasaurus is an excellent choice for beginning Jurassic Worlds due to its wide range of variations.

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Carnoraptor New Species

Carnoraptor mod adds Carnoraptor to the game, but it does not replace anything else. Lem Lem Nade makes the texture for the Mod. The Mod introduces Carnoraptor, Spinoraptor’s counterpart. Install ZCarnoraptor by dragging the file into data.

  • There is no way you are permitted to convert this file for use in another game. It is not permitted for you to upload this file anywhere else.


To make Spinosaurus look more like a fossil, edit it The Spinosaurus image has been edited to look more like the fossilized specimen. A readme.txt file with instructions is included with this Mod to help you replace the dinosaur database images. It is not permitted for you to upload this file anywhere else.

Tyrannotitan New Species

Tyrannotitan” (meaning “tyrant titan”) is a genus of bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs during the Early Cretaceous period, belonging to the family of Carcharodontosauridae. Other giant predators such as Carcharodontosaurus and especially Giganotosaurus as well as Mapusaurus are closely related to Mapusaurus. Mods should be copied into data with content folders to be added.

JFD Concavenator Corcovatus New Species

The small stature of Concavenator for a Carcharodontosaurid, combined with its unique sails, makes it a unique addition to your Jurassic World.

The following features are available.

  • An individual with male and female skin textures.
  • Custom icônes are optional
  • The discovery of a brand-new species
  • Thanks to Harlequins Eg0 for helping troubleshoot the new species process.

JPOG Carcharodonontosaurus

Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack modifies the Carcharodontosaurus model to resemble the model in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, a recent Jurassic World Enterprises game.

You must have Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack DLC installed to play this. Even though the download includes a back up, back up your existing files!

AOG Ceratosaurus Dentisulcatus

As a replacement for the vanilla, Ceratosaurus adds the Ceratosaurus dentisulcatus. The Ceratosaurus has been released for your Jurassic World Evolution parks, originally for Advanced Operation Genesis. Added the AOG Ceratosaurus dentisulcatus to replace the vanilla Ceratosaurus.

JFD Aerosteon Riocoloradense

Creates a new species, Aerosteon riocoloradense, for Jurassic World Evolution. Install the compressed file by extracting it from your OVL folder. Aerosteon is a dazzling but deadly addition to Jurassic World with its enormous claws and mating season skin.

The New Species Process was broken until Harlequins Eg0 helped troubleshoot it for me. Introduces Aerosteon riocoloradense as a new species in Jurassic World Evolution.

Isla Sorna Scenery Items

It is called ‘Isla Sorna scenery Items,’ a modified version of my InGen props mod. There are no items in the base game that this Mod will replace. TLW: JP/JP3 and other official media forms featuring Isla Sorna will be featured instead.

As I could not find a replacement icon for the Redwood tree icon, both clusters of ferns still display the Redwood tree icon. Highlighting over it makes it work, however. These are a selection of scenery items inspired by Jurassic Park and The Lost World.

Feathered Dinosaur Model Pack

The first part of a mod in which more accurate models replace all dinosaurs who should have feathers. Proceratosaurus, Compsognathus, Velociraptor accurate and classic, Deinonychus, Struthiomimus, and Pteranodon are included in this Mod. New skins come with each game. We’ll replace the feathers on the remaining dinosaurs later in part 2.

Velociraptor variants are currently available in the Mod. Jurassic Park-style skeletal proportions and a classic design. There are new feathered counterparts in the Raptor Squad that reflect the colors of modern birds. 

1993 Jurassic Park the Game Troodon

A skin for the Troodon from the game Jurassic Park is not permitted to be used in any mods or files sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or elsewhere. 

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Before you can use any of the assets in this file, you must get my permission. Furthermore, this file may not be uploaded to any other sites at any time.

AOG Torosaurus Latus

It substitutes the original Torosaurus latus meant for Advanced Operation Genesis for the Torosaurus in the base game. In Jurassic World, Torosaurus, the dinosaur that plays the role of Tyrannosaurus, can be seen with false eyes meant to intimidate that predator.

Before installing, make sure you have a backup of your data.

Lambeosaurus New Species

This updated version of Lambeosaurus from 2019 is long overdue. As if that weren’t enough, it’s here as a whole new species! This Mod includes a new species and an alternate version of the variants noted in the screenshots, so you know which one you should use! We highly recommend using the Awesome Cobra Script Extender with this Mod, which can be downloaded here.

Balaur New Species

A new dinosaur is added to the game with this Mod: the Balaur, a paravian with sickle claws on both feet that lived during the Cretaceous period in Romania. Of course, you need a high reputation with the Entertainment division of Isla Tacano to unlock it. The Velociraptor rig may be used, but the animal is interpreted as a (relatively) docile herbivore. 

As a new species, it adds the oddball paravian Balaur. You can read the description for details on how to install and how to fix a known problem.

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JFD Triceratops Prorsus

Triceratops prorsus replaces the vanilla Triceratops in Jurassic World Evolution with a more scientifically accurate representation. This year we are exhibiting the heroic herbivore, the Triceratops prorsus. 

Those visitors who longed to see a vegetarian dinosaur who fights back in Jurassic World Evolution will be pleasantly surprised by this gentle giant. It replaces the vanilla Triceratops with that of Triceratops prorsus, which is more scientifically accurate.

AOG Pachycephalosaurus

Initially intended for use in Advanced Operation Genesis, the Pachycephalosaurus replaces the vanilla Pachycephalosaurus. 

With its distinctive fathead and bald spot, Pachycephalosaurus is an exciting addition to any Hell Creek paddock. This mod does not require any additional software beyond the base game.

Ankylodocus Remake

Enhanced the Ankylodocus model and texture and redone the Ankylodocus entirely. This file contains only the author’s assets or assets from modders that are free-to-use. Mods/files created from this file cannot be sold on Steam Workshop or other platforms for money using the assets in this file. You are not opted-in for Donation Points for this mod.

Diabloceratops New Species

Icons and UI of the Diabloceratops have been reworked A new null skin has been added, as well as an Alpine skin and Rainforest skin. For this Alt skin, all UI icons have been reworked! You can make your choice based on your preferences. The Diabloceratops is included as a new species in the game. It does not require DLC.

Dilophosaurus Paleontological

It adds a new look to your game, a longer tail, and no-frills on the snout of Dilophosaurus.

Following is a list of all the changes:

  • Reshaped the nasal and premaxilla to be more elongated and slimmer
  • Deep space was created between the premaxilla and maxilla, so the teeth bent in the right direction
  • Teeth are reshaped and repositioned, no longer protruding into the base of your head
  • To reflect fossil evidence, reshaped head crests
  • -remade the ridges along the lacrimal bone, so they stop just before the eyes now
  • The ridges around and behind the eyes were removed.

Tyrannosaurus Stan Winston

The mod has been created by Maurizio Morosan so that the T-rex possesses the same facial features as it did in the original trilogy. Tyrannosaurus variants from Return to Jurassic Park are needed for this mod. It allows the rex to have a similar face to that of the original trilogy’s animatronics. Morosan was the creator of the game.

JPOG Acrocanthosaurus

The model and skin of one of the dinosaurs introduced in the Carnivore Dinosaur Pack, the Acrocanthosaurus, have been changed to resemble the design for the dinosaur that appeared in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. It will only work if you have installed the Carnivore Dinosaur Pack DLC.

Despite the backup included with the download, backing up your existing files is still a great idea! Modifies the Acrocanthosaurus to look like its appearance in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis from 2003.

TLW Mamechisaurus

The Mamenchisaurus is edited to appear similar to The Lost World: Jurassic Park concept art. 

I believe the length and proportions are what I can get before the model begins to distort, so it cannot extend it. The Mamenchisaurus is a slightly modified version of the concept art from TLW.

Concavenator Corcovatus New Species

A nasty bite that helps the Cav in combat, with the nerfed attack to balance out. Stats have been balanced with the new file release.

Tropical male and female skins + Bayou male and female skins + Melanistic and albino patterns. Custom habitat and social requirements to suit the real Cav.

Most of the mod work was split 50/50. However, Ario did all the file work, Leviathan did the model and skins, and the modding discord helped immensely. More than a month has passed since this mod was first released.

Park Builder Extension Pack

The Jurassic Park III: Park Builder expansion pack aims to update the base game roster with more skins and models closer to those found in Jurassic Park III: Park Builder and introduce an entire roster. Update your parks with new content!

With the inclusion of a significant portion of the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park III: Park Builder, the Park Builder Expansion Pack seeks to increase dinosaur diversity and roster count in the game! Upon completion, this expansion pack will add 59 new dinosaur species to your parks, nearly doubling the number of dinosaur species available.

 Saltasaurus New Species

The Saltasaurus, a pebble-backed sauropod, is a newly added species in the Herbivore Dinosaur Pack (version 1.1, fixed legs clipping, expedition speed). For installation details and a quick fix for a known issue, read the description.

We add a new dinosaur in the mod: Saltasaurus, a small sauropod with pronounced ribcages, and a bony osteoderm. Saltasaurus lived around 70 million years ago on the American continent. Herbivore Dinosaur Pack and Awesome Cobra Script Extender/ACSE are required to play this mod.


Tarbosaurus is added to your park as a new species. It’s finally here, after hours of losing my mind trying to fix bugs.

Compared to Rex, these are the anatomical differences:

  • Added a narrower snout to match the skull.
  • The top of the snout was thickened.
  • The skin has been changed to be modeled after the Basilisk Lizard.
  • The Tyrant King of the East has been added to the game as a new species. This game requires the Carnivore Pack DLC.

JPlll Spinosauru Overhaul

It is an overhaul mod for Spinosaurus that makes it look and sound more like the movie version. In addition to brand new film-accurate textures, it contains newly reworked diffuse, standard, and matte textures. Added to that, over 30 sounds were added to recreate the film’s audio.

The following changes have been made:

  • Stan Winston’s original design has been reworked into a new model
  • We have added diffuse, standard, and matcol textures for better color accuracy, improved skin texture, and extra detail.

AOG Guanlong Wucaii 

The Guanlong wucaii created for Advanced Operation Genesis replaces the Proceratosaurus from the Carnivore Dinosaur Pack DLC. 

The Proceratosaurus in the Carnivore Carnivore Dinosaur Pack DLC with the Guanlong Wucaii was initially meant to be found in a conglomerate Dashanpu Formation Advanced Operation Genesis.

LAStudios Seismosaurus Hallorum

Instead of being a separate species, Seismosaurus is now thought to be a large cousin of Diplodocus. The Seismosaurus we found is called Halloran. It being a Diplodocus species. 

Seismosaurus prefers extensive open plains with little or no forest cover. As well as a large pool of water, these creatures would have needed them for drinking and cooling off.

Suskityrannus New Species

It adds Suskityrannus as a new species that does not replace any current species. It requires both the Carnivore DLC and the ACSE DLC (which requires the secrets of Dr. Wu) for campaign mode research.

Suskityrannus is a primitive tyrannosauroid from the Late Cretaceous added in this mod. The dinosaur must have the Carnivore DLC and ACSE (which require the Secrets of Dr. Wu) to be researchable. Install Suskityranus in OvlData, and place ACSE in the appropriate location.

South America Pack

Add three new species to your park with this new South America pack!

  • An Irritator
  • An acorn-eating eoraptor
  • In the case of Thanos

The following materials are required for this pack:

  • ASCE funds the Doctor Wu DLC for research
  • Dinosaurs that eat meat (for Thanos) are included in this pack
  • (for Eoraptor) – Return to Jurassic Park
  • If you don’t have the carnivore DLC, you can still use single dinosaur species.
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Jurassic World Evolution Mods

Carnotaurus Paleontological

As you can see, this mod makes Carnotaurus more like the actual animal and gives it a much-needed makeover.

Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Remoulded the nasal, premaxilla, maxilla, and lacrimal bones of the skull.
  • It was achieved by moving the brow forward that the brow horns were more accurately positioned.
  • The inclusion of muscle mass allowed the skull to move and to hold its strength, reflecting fossil evidence at the back.
  • Made the head of the animal look less skinny by adding a bit of meat and thicker muscle tissue.
  • Repositioning the teeth in their proper position.
  • • corrected the dentary, the angular, and the surangular bones.


Histriasaurus, meaning “Istria lizard,” was a genus of dinosaurs from the Early Cretaceous. Its fossils, holotype WN V-6, were found in a bonebed in lacustrine limestone exposed on the seafloor off the coast of the town of Bale on the Istrian peninsula in Croatia and described in 1998 by Dalla Vecchia.

The game now includes the new species Histriasaurus. Thanks to Lucca2951, who helped create the Portuguese and Brazilian language loc files. Adding a mod is as simple as copying the file and placing it in the Content folder in the game data.

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Instant Incubation 

This mod should work with any pure model or texture edit, but mods that change dinosaur stats might require a similar file. Here’s an easy way for you to determine if the mod you’re using is compatible:

  1. You can find all the mod files under the “Files” tab.
  2. The contents of the file will be displayed once you click the Preview button.
  3. If a file named “Main.ovl” is present in any of the Content0, ContentPDLC1, ContentPDLC2, etc. folders, the mod will not work.


As a result, the Nasutoceratops will look more paleontologically accurate.

The complete list of changes is as follows:

  • The skull and jaw (maxilla, dentary, and nasal bone) were made thinner
  • Following fossil evidence, the nose is more clearly curvaceous
  • -cleared the jawline and defined musculature on the underside of the jaw
  • As a result of fossil records, keratin growth was taken into consideration in reworking the beak

To reflect the curvature of the spine of a real-life animal, I remade the attachment of the neck and the curvature of the whole spine

An angle of -down pointed the tail in the right direction.


Gamers can now play Segisaurus. As a temporary replacement, it will take the place of the Compy. I will attempt to make it as accurate as possible if the size can be adjusted. Unfortunately, we must revisit Jurassic Park to resolve this issue.

Composognathus is compatible with Segisaurus in all variants. However, those who want to play Jurassic Park Return must get the DLC.

Once I have time, I will do my best to make this a new species. Composognathus is compatible with Segisaurus in all variants. It is necessary to purchase the Return to Jurassic Park DLC.

Experimental Feathered Raptors

Experimental Feathered Raptors mod by Demansia adds feathers to raptors to make them more attractive. There is no change in the raptor’s body, but there will be clusters of feathers on the back of their heads, arms, and tail.

It merely retextures the raptors in-game and does not let them fly or do anything chaotic. However, many players find it interesting to see how these creatures have evolved. Other gamers, however, appreciate its distinctive appearance as it makes one of the game’s best dinosaur’s stands out.

Magma Spinosaurus

Magma Spinosaurus mod by IndoraptorPrototype changes the skin of the Spinosaurus. To give the Spinosaurus a magma aesthetic, it now has a black, red, and golden fin.

It looks like magma is bubbling up from the dinosaur’s back and spilling across its back when looking at the top of the dinosaur near the fin. Spinosaurs are the main attraction at this park because of their neat aesthetics.

Environment Rework

In the Environment Re-Work mod by DANNYBOB, the game’s environments are retextured from start to finish. According to the mod’s author, the environment felt a little “dull,” so they added more detail and colours to give everything a more lively appearance.

There are things in the mod like Fallen Logs, sand that looks like a desert, and rocks that look like misshapen lumps of rock. In addition, the dinosaurs can now roam around in more vibrant and colourful environments as a result of this mod.

Skull Island Dinosaur Pack

Players will get a new experience with Sweetener, which combines King Kong and Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs are believed to have been created in InGen’s lore by using fossils found on Skull Island.

Vastatosaurus, a T-Rex-like monster with rhino-like horns, and Venatosaurus, a raptor-like monster, are two of the most iconic monsters from Skull Island. This neat idea is well implemented in the mod pack.

Exotic Dinosaur Pack

Using Sweetener’s Exotic Dinosaur Pack mod, exotic dinosaurs are added to the game. For example, Deinocheirus Mirificus makes an appearance with its duck-like nose. There is also the herbivorous Effigia Okeefeae, which looks like a raptor.

Eustreptospondylus Oxoniensis, which has spines covering its body, is the most intriguing of the group. But, again, these are good trade options for those who don’t use a particular dinosaur very often.

Wolly Rhino

By replacing the Torosaurus dinosaur with a Woolly Rhino, the Woolly Rhino mod by Siaka aims to shake things up. There are no special requirements, and they can act as model and skin replacements, but they are neat to see.

Hairy animals stand out and can be an exciting addition to dinosaur parks, despite some players’ opposition. The mods also combine well with a variety of mods from the Ice Age era.

Baturoceratops Seradursus

Because Baturoceratops Seradorsus does not exist in the real world, the Baturoceratops Seradorsus mod by Sweetener may confuse paleontologists and dinosaur enthusiasts. So the author, known for his Jurassic World Evolution mods, set out to create his dinosaur.

“Warrior Horned Face,” said Sweetener, refers to the traditional species of Ceratopsian. I love the way the dinosaur looks. It fits perfectly into the world’s legend. In addition to other artificial species such as Indominus Rex, this fits well alongside them.

Expedition Charter

It’s an excellent addition to the game to use the Expedition Charter mod created by Kaiodenic. It aims to improve expeditions by revamping the way they work. The fossils don’t unlock according to species but according to dig sites.

Charters have also been tweaked to make them more challenging and exciting in addition to this tweak. Players can now purchase fossils obtained from locked dig sites through The Black Market.

Vehicle Reskins

We’ve included a few items to spice up your vehicles and a few other ubiquitous items in this list besides structures and dinosaur species.

The Vehicle Reskins mod by GH0ST627 promises to brighten up your game with repainted excavators, JP-era helicopters, ranger vehicles, and the ACU helicopter more colourfully and appealingly. My favourite part of the story was how the author presented the classic Jeep Wrangler from Jurassic Park.

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Jurassic World Evolution Mods

Psittacosaurus Species

While it may have a complicated name (and long name), the Psittacosaurus was the cutest creature found during the Early Cretaceous period. From China to Siberia and everywhere in between, this species can be found.

It looks like someone spliced together a gecko and a chicken, but this parrot lizard belongs to the subfamily Ceratopsidae. Among the details, you’ll find in this mod by NanoLancensis is an entry in Zoopedia and fun facts about Psittacosaurus.

Dracodentitan Species

It is discovered that a new hybrid species has escaped from the gene laboratory and has made its way into your park. The Dracodentitan is a dangerous cross between the agile Baryonyx and the sturdy Polacanthus.

I have never seen a carnivore with such menacing front teeth as the resulting beast. DARPA’s agents will likely show up at your door soon with an offer you can’t refuse because this dude looks like a weapon designed to cause horror on the battlefield.

In addition to the detailed database entry DrPenny233 created, he went through the trouble of adding fun facts about each base game creature. Check it out!

Tarbosaurus Species

The Tarbosaurus is a relative of the T-Rex with shorter arms and as much destructive power as the Tyrant King of the East. Our park is proud to display this majestic beast created by TigerRed1298.

You will demonstrate how phenotypical differences may result from environmental differences due to its narrow snout, distinguishable from the famous T-Rex.

The way it appeared in real life is unlikely to influence the result. My favourite colour is aquamarine because of its flashy appearance. My brain equates it to a basilisk lizard, and it’s truly a badass.

Ankylosaurus Paleo

Those who liked the armoured Titan from AoT will enjoy the well-defended charm of the Ankylosaurus. DigitalDuckModeling has modified Ankylosaurus to look brighter and better. In particular, the Woodland skin of the Ankylosaurus variety adds high-quality textures.

Gigantoraptor Species

With the Gigantoraptor, creator NanoLancensis adds another species to the park collection. The Cretaceous period saw these creatures dominate the landscape of Asia. Its keratinous beak matched its feathered wings, just like that of other oviraptorosaurs. The chicken is enormous. You can imagine what a Gigantoraptor would have looked like in its prime if you’ve seen a Kulu-Ya-Ku in Monster Hunter: World.

Northfire’s Realistic Textures

You’re probably hoping to re-live Jurassic Park’s charm from a new perspective when you play Jurassic Park games. It’s time to take your game to the next level with Northfire’s Realistic Textures.

In this mod, most textures have been replaced with richer, movie-accurate textures, which help distinguish between ground types and make some props stand out more. Additionally, the grass has been made thinner, and the Gyrosphere, Aviary, and Creation Lab now have banners.

Expanded Paths

Expanded Paths, Pylons, and Fences by Kaiodenc offer even more customization possibilities. This book will forever change your perspective on park design. Paths can be built in various ways, including ridiculously narrow pathways, invisible pathways that remove trees, and more. For decoration, monorail tracks may also be connected.

Ultimate Mixed Eras

Ultimate Mixed Eras by Kaiodenc provides you with the creative freedom you want in Jurassic World Evolution. The mod, as its name suggests, allows building anything from any period in the sandbox mode. In the area are notable structures such as the Monorail Arrival Station and the Operations Center. There are no conflicts with the campaign or JW Challenge modes, so you won’t have to worry about them.

Dinosaur Behaviour

MrTroodon1 has devoted a lot of time and effort to finding and fixing misguided aspects of JWE’s gameplay. An overhaul of everything going on inside your dinosaur’s body and mind takes place.

You’ll notice large carnivores socializing once the system has been installed. It will prevent your dinosaurs from hunting larger hadrosaurs, as they will no longer be able to hunt small and medium-sized carnivores.

When dinosaurs fight each other, the attack and defence stats have also been redesigned to enhance the feeling of realism. It has the secondary consequence of making large herbivores harder to keep, requiring fence repair much more often.