GTA V How to Get a Fire Truck

Do you want to know how to get a fire truck in GTA V? GTA V is a game that allows you to explore the world of Los Santos. You can do many activities, such as going on missions, stealing cars, robbing banks, racing, and even getting a fire truck! This guide will tell you how to get a fire truck in GTA V.

In reality, you can only dream of driving a fire truck without the having experience but things are definitely easier in GTA V. You can steal a fire truck without stress from either a fire station or even trick the emergency services to obtain it.

Here are the methods you can use to get your hands on a fire truck in GTA  V.

GTA 5 Fire Truck
Image Credit: Rockstargames

How to get a fire truck at your location in GTA V

The first method involves going to a firestation and simply take one and all you need do is press the triangle button on your controller to get inside and then of course sneaking out with the fire truck is the fun part.

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Alternatively, another method involves opening up your cell phone, and open the control pad up and select contacts. Then scroll alll the way down until you see emergency services and dial their number. When they pick up the call, you’ll be asked what services you require and then you’ll select fire department as they’ll be on route to your location. Now all you’ll need to do is wait for a little while for their arrival.

Little bit of advice for you is that you’ll want to make the call somewhere near a major road. If you’re on a beach it might not work but if you’re in a major road it’ll probably work. When the fire department arrives all you need do is go ahead and press the triangle button on your pad and take possession of the truck and that is pretty much it.

So that’s how to get a fire truck in GTA V as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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