20 Best Hollow Knight Charms You Can In Game

Hollow Knight is an outstanding game developed the Team Cherry, the game was one of the best indie games in recent times. The gameplay of Hollow Knight is based on nail difficulty, boss battles, sprawling world design and much more for an individual developer.

The complete game is likely based on the use of the charms. The player in the Hollow Knight game can use the charms to add additional or bonus items such as extra health, more powerful melee attacks, transformation spells and a lot more.

Hollow Knight Charms are used by the players in the game to add or get additional items or bosses.

All Hollow Knight Charms
Hollow Knight Charms

In this short guide, we have lost some of the best Hollow Knight Charms recommended by experienced gamers.

There are 45 charms were available on Hollow Knight and it hard to get them all in a single run. But all the charms are not the best to use some of them are the worst and some are perfect for the game.

Best Hollow Knight Charms

These are some of the best charms Hollow Knight games have that players use to get special items such as extra health or additional power and much more.

1. DashMaster

Hollow Knight Charms

DashMaster is a commonly used charm by the player. This charm does not seem like much when it comes to the powers. This charm is used by players who like fast movements.

The ability to dash charm is moving faster and performing certain segments along with avoiding the attacks of the enemy.

Mainly, this charm is used in the early game for travelling and dashing repeatedly to move faster in some areas of the game. The requirement to get this charm is low. It takes up to 2 notches.

2. Unbreakable Heart

Unbreakable Heart charm

This is the second charm on our list. The Unbreakable Heart charm is hard to obtain it is the first charm that you will buy Fragile Heart Charm from Leg Eater in the Fungal Wastes.

When you meet the Divine in the game you can ask her to transform the charm into the unbreakable heart version.

The benefits of having the Unbreakable Heart charm it provides the player with 2 advantages masks of health and moreover, it does not break over death, unlike the Fragile one.

The charm will very helpful when you’re dealing with foes and platforming segments in the kingdom of Hollowness.

3. LifeBlood Core

LifeBlood Charm
Hollow Knight Charms

Individual Player always has some space to customize their character for the game. LifeBlood Core charm allows you to spell cast to defeat foes.

The charm carries a living core itself that bleeds the LifeBlood, thus helping the spellcaster to get more SOUL rather than healing can be helpful in the game.

This is one of the best LifeBlood Charms that any player can get however the process of obtaining it was also not easy. You’ll need to get a minimum of 15 lifeblood masks before opening a door hidden on the wall in the Abyss.

Joni’s Heart is a serviceable charm up to this point as it permits the exchange of extra health for lifeblood protection, making the requirement a bit easier to accomplish than outdoors it.

4. Dreamshield

Dreamshield charm

This is the most useful charm from our list of Hollow Knight Charms. The Dreamshield charm is enchanting the shield covers the Knight that blocks the attacks and projectiles of the foes. It can also deal with 1x nail damage when you’re attacking the enemy.

The benefits of the charm are whenever the shield comes in contact with the enemy it breaks and reforms in, no time. Attacking with the nail causing the shield to bash outwards.

The focusing causes in the game allow the shield to rotate faster in a lesser radius and increase the shield recovery. You can obtain the Dreamshield in the room in the Resting Grounds under the seer’s room.

5. Quick Slash

Quick Slash charm
Hollow Knight Charms

The Quick Slash charm can easily be located in the Kingdom Edge location of the game. It is hidden away in the secret room backward from the series of tough enemies.

The benefits of Quick Slash Charm are it can increase the rate at which you can swing with their nail swords as it has several uses in the game.

Moreover, it has the ability to deal high damage to the enemy in close combat. It can also use in platforming the segments in some areas of the game.

6. Mark of Pride

Mark of Pride charm

Mark of Pride charm is one of the best charms for that player who struggles against the bosses in close combat in the Hollow Knight.

This charm is used to increase the size of the nail by 25 percent, which sounds not good. However, this can give you the advantage over harder Hollow Knight bosses in the battle.

The charm can be obtained by the Mantis Tribe and can cost up to 3 notches. Mark of Pride charm can use to take down enemies without getting a range of their attacks.

In contrast to Longtail, the Mark of Pride charm appends a supplementary 10 percent in length to the player’s nail weapon.

7. Kingsoul

KingSoul Charm

King soul charm in Hollow Knight is a holy charm and can generate 4 souls per two seconds. The bearer slowly absorbs the limitless SOUL contained within that opens the way to the birthplace.

It also opens the area at the lowest of the Abyss where it can transform into a void heart. The benefits of this charm are you can use this charm for exploration and platforming sections, standing excellent to Hiveblood in that it can restore SOUL for healing too with full HP.

Nevertheless, the high Notch cost overrides other useful Charm sequences from being implemented.

The Kingsoul is the perfect charm to get SOUL without hitting the enemies with a nail to obtain SOUL. It can be very useful for those who are both patients and prefer to cast Spells.

8. Unbreakable Strength

Unbreakable Strength Charm
Hollow Knight Charms

The Unbreakable Strength Charm is similar to the Unbreakable Heart charm. It can obtain from the Fragile Strength from Leg Eater and upgraded by Divine.

The benefits of this charm are not shattering over death and have the same advantages as the Unbreakable Heart.

Moreover, the Unbreakable Strength Charm boosts the damage players deal with the nails. The charm also strengthens the player by about 50 percent means the Hollownest creature can easily be killed in a few attacks.

This type of Hollow Knight Charm is useful especially when you’re dealing with the boss on the battlefield.

9. Soul Eater

Soul Eater charm

Soul Eater charm is quite handy in the Hollow Knight game. You can obtain it for 4 notches. However, it totally depends on you if you want to draw SOUL from the creature.

This charm is the same as the KingSoul with similar benefits. This charm can increase the amount of SOUL absorbed when you hit the enemy with the nail.

Well, the most useful time to use this charm is in the Hall of Gods the soul eater charm absorbs triple the amount of SOUL compared to the soul catcher.

10. Flukenest

Flukenest Charm

You can get the Flukenest Charm in the Hollow Knight game after taking down the Flukemarm boss in the Royal Waterways.

This fight can be difficult for you as this boss attack the player with several fast attacks. However, the reward for defeating the boss is worth the struggle.

Flukenest reconstructs the Vengeful Spirit spell, which is habitually a forceful blast of true energy, within a blast of flukes alternatively. Moreover, the flukes do more damage than the simple version of the spell in close-range combat.

If you’re not quite good in close combat then this is a perfect Hollow Knight Charms for you to obtain to survive in the game for a longer time.

11. Fragile Greed

Fragile Greed charm
Hollow Knight Charms

The Fragile Greed charm in the Hollow Knight game is used for increasing the amount of the GEO dropped by the foes.

It’s most recommended to use charm from the Hollow Knight gamers in the condition where player death is unlikely. Such as exploration or in tandem.

However unlike the other Fragile charm in the Hollow Knight game. This charm is not useful in the fight with Dream Boss because Dream Boss does not drop any GEO.

To obtain the Fragile Charm you have to purchase it from the Fungal Wastes for 250 Geo.

12. Wayward Compass

Wayward Compass charm

The Wayward Compass charm is an early game charm that helps the player to whom a map and get the proper direction without having a hassle.

The objective of this charm is to guide the player to the labyrinth in each game map. Because lots of game maps are way too complex without a guide and hard to find the direction in the exploration.

Wayward Compass charm whisper the correct location to the bearer when it was open. Just having this charm is worth it if you’re in the game exploration.

This charm can be obtained for one Notch, the player does not lose much by acquiring this charm.

13. Joni’s Blessing

Joni Blessing charm
Hollow Knight Charms

Joni Blessing charm is one of the best charms on the list of Hollow Knight Charms. The use of this charm is it can easily transform all the players’ masks into the LifeBlood masks and after that added 40 percent more Lifeblood masks.

However, this charm comes at a high cost as this charm increases the player’s health dramatically. Lifeblood masks cannot be healed so losing the masks can be troublesome until the player reaches the save point in the Hollow Knight.

14. Quick Focus

Quick Focus charm

Quick Focus charm is one of the best charms that you can use in the Hollow Knight game. The player can use this charm used to focus on the healing power and increase the time to recover.

This charm can be life-saving in the boss battle. The combination of Deep Focus and Quick Focus charms lets the player heal 2 marks that are faster compared to the regular speed of healing.

In the battle against the boss that can deal with two masks in one hit, this charm can be helpful.

15. Hiveblood

Hiveblood charm
Hollow Knight Charms

The Hiveblood charm is obtained by defeating the Hive boss. By taking down the Hive Knight you’ll be rewarded with this charm that you can use to transform your masks into honeycombs.

This charm may come very useful when it comes to recovering from the battle. Hiveblood charm allows the bearer’s wounds to heal over time and allow them to regain health without focusing on the SOUL.

The main purpose of this charm is to heal the last charm that was lost without using the Focus charm in the battle. Hiveblood is located in the Hive under breath the Hive Room.

16. Grubsong

Grubsong Charm

Grubsong Charm in the Hollow Knight game is obtained by freeing the 10 Grub creatures and after returning to the Grubfather to collect the rewards. The cost of this charm is one Notch well it’s nothing is a loss.

In the battle with the boss, the Grubsong Charm provides a little bit of the Soul to the player. The resource is used to spell and heal in the Hollow Knight. If you’re in a condition where you’re taking lots of damage in the fight.

17. Grubberfly’s Elegy

Grubberfly Elegy Charm

The Grubberfly Elegy Charm can only be obtained after rescuing all the Grub in the middle of the game.

Its extraordinary charm adds a light beam range in the nail it’s additional benefits when you’re in the middle of the battle and you want to take over your enemies.

But the Grubberfly Elegy can only be activated when the player’s health is Full. So it is hard to use this charm against the boss fight. Because it was hard to get non-damage during the battle. However, you can use this charm in exploration and dealing with distant enemies.

18. Deep Focus

Deep Focus charm

The Deep Focus charm is similar to the Quick Focus it has the same abilities and benefits. Deep Focus is found beneath the mines of Crystal Peak and demands cruising within a somewhat critical section to receive.

This charm also has a drawback which is it takes 2 times longer to Focus compared to normal. It can be useful with the combination of the Quick Focus to get fast focus with the recovery of health in the battle with foes.

19. Shaman Stone

Shaman Stone charm

The Shaman Stone charm helps to increase the power of the spell and deal more damage to the enemies. The charm can easily increase the power of the spell up to 30 to 50 percent depending on the spell you’re casting.

You can use this charm to one-shot multiple enemies at a time from the safe range or use it to deal more damage spells to the boss in the middle of the fight without having a hassle. The price to obtain this charm is 220 GEO at the forgotten crossroad.

20. Long Nail

 Long Nail Charm

The Long Nail Charm is used to increase the range of the bearer nail. This charm can very helpful for that player who is bad in close combats. A long Nail charm can increase the size of the nail by up to 20 percent.

You can use the charm to take down the distant opponent without getting any damage or loss of the mask or health in the middle of the battle with bosses.


Hopefully, you find this short guide very helpful to know some of the best Hollow Knight charms that you can use in the middle of the game to get additional benefits.

In case we haven’t added any important charm of the hollow knight. Please tell us we are happy to add it to our list. For more articles like this check our Hallow Knight Guides for more useful tips.

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