What is Gyatt means on TikTok? [Explained]

If you’re searching for what “Gyatt meaning” stands for on Tiktok then you’re the correct platform. TikTok has become of the most popular social media platform in a few years just after its launch. It has millions of users from all over the world of different age groups.

Similar just like some other social media platforms there is also some slang used by TikTokers. Most of these slang abbreviations are older than the existence of the TikTok application and some slang comes into existence from the application itself.

The Gyaat slang is also common on Tiktok that used by multiple popular TikTokers you might encounter it while viewing the clips or scrolling on the application. But the question what is the real meaning of this slang? Here we got you covered about it.

What does Gyatt Meaning Stand For on TikTok?

If you look into the Urban Dictionary the meaning of “Gyatt” or “Gyat” is goddamn and this slang is used whenever any guy finds an attractive girl or the girl has a curvy body shape.

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Most importantly most people do not know that this slang trend was first started by YourRage one of the popular Twitch streamers. He used to say this slang whenever any attractive girl showed up on his live stream.

There are also some other means of this slang such as “Between the Guys” or “Get Your Act Together” on TikTok. However, the Gyatt slang term come into existence from Twitch and then it was also used on TikTok and it gathered 44.3 million views on the app in a short time period. There are lots of short clips that you can find on TitTok about the Gyatt hashtag.