How To Catch Salandit in Pokemon Go?

Salandit is now available to catch in Pokemon Go but the question is how you can find and catch Salandit. If you’re searching for the guide to getting Salandit then you’re on the correct platform. More importantly, Salandit is a Poison/Fire type Pokemon that debuted in Pokemon Sun & Moon as the Toxic lizard.

You can also involve Salandit in Salazzle by collecting enough candy. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide on how you can get Salandit and evolve it into Salazzle on Pokemon Go.

How To Catch Salandit on Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, the only way to get Salandit is by hatching it from a 12KM egg or these eggs also called Strange Eggs. You can only obtain these eggs by simply defeating the Team Rocket Leaders Arola, Sierra and Cliff.

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We suggest you make some space into your inventory before going to the fight for one of these three for the Egg.

Until in Pokemon Go, this was the only way to get Salandit, however, it’s also not insured that you can get Salandit from the Egg because in Pokemon Go. There are a total of 10 Pokemons that you can hatch from the 12KM Egg so the probability of getting Salandit is very low 1 out of 10.

More importantly, you can also get a 12KM egg from the Season of Alola: All-Hands Rocket Retreat event place from April 3rd to 7th, 2022 and that event is passed. So now your only option to get this egg is to trade it from other players.

If you were successfully able to get Salandit from the 12KM Egg and wanted to evolve it to the Salazzle then below we mentioned the process that you need to follow for it.

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Evolve Salandit to Salazzle in Pokemon Go

You need to gather 50 candy and need to catch a female Salandit in order to evolve Salandit. That way it makes Salandit one of the rarest Pokemon because getting a female Salandit probability is lesser then getting the Salandit from the 12KM Egg.

This is end of this short guide for more similar content you can check our Pokemon Go guide.