Help This Frog Fly Answer Clue

If you’re searching for the answer clue of the “Help This Frog Fly” word puzzle well then you’re in luck today. More importantly, solving word puzzles is one of the good habits that you can adopt. There are lots of benefits of it such as it helps you to develop your English Vocabulary and gives you a positive attitude.

The first crossword puzzle is generally credited to Arthur Wynne, a British journalist who created a word game for the New York World newspaper in 1913. The first crossword was originally called a “word-cross” puzzle, and it was quite different from the modern crossword puzzles we know today. It was diamond-shaped, and the clues were simple definitions of the words to be filled in.

Without any further ado let’s check the answer clue that you searching for on the Internet.

Help This Frog Fly Answer Clue

Below we mentioned the answer clue of the Help This Frog Fly word puzzle we end up finding this puzzle on the Brain Test Level 64.

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Puzzle Answer Clue
Help This Frog FlyHold your finger on frog’s nose for a few seconds. The frog will inflate and fly

We recommend you cross-examine the length or the letters of the clue with the puzzle because most of the time lots of clues have multiple answers.

February 18, 2023, Other Word Games

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