Styles of Pop Music Crossword Answer Clue

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Despite its somewhat humble beginnings, the crossword puzzle quickly became a sensation, and soon other newspapers began publishing their own versions. The first book of crossword puzzles, called “Cross Word Puzzles,” was published in 1924.

The first crossword puzzle is published by The New York World on December 21, 1913, and it was invented by Arthur Wynne. More importantly, it was the time of World War I and at that time the crossword puzzles are featured on the Fun page and it was called “Word-Cross.”

Sure the history of crossword puzzles is interesting. But without any further ado let’s check the answer clue that you’re searching for on the Internet.

Styles of Pop Music Crossword Answer Clue

Below we mentioned the answer clue of the “Styles of Pop Music” crossword puzzle that was featured on the NYT Mini Crossword.

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Crossword PuzzleAnswer Clue
Styles of Pop MusicDISCO / HARRY

We suggest that you should cross-examine the length or the number of the letters of the answer clue with the crossword puzzle. Because sometimes few answer clues have numerous answers.

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February 18, 2023, Other Crosswords

If you focusing on levelling up your crossword puzzle skills then here are some tips that might come in handy for you. Such as always using Pencil and not Pen. Focus on guessing more words. Always focus on developing your English Vocabulary because it play important role in solving crossword faster. Lastly, make sure always focus on taking a break and trying again.

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