Elden Ring: How To Hide Helmet Guide

Elden Ring has many hard bosses that are hard to defeat without skills, weapons, and armor. So your character needs to improve in all of these things to win the battle.

But what happens with the heavy armor is your character’s body may not be giving a pleasant look from your side. Like Elden Ring has a third-person perspective so it kind of blocks the views while roaming around lands in between.

Also during Naive roads, enemies might hide beneath the bushes which blocks the perspective. So many users tend to try to avoid the helmet in the Elden Ring.

So here in this very guide, we will discuss the Elden Ring Hide Helmet guide. Where you will find how to Hide the Helmet in the Elden Ring in different ways.

How to Hide a Helmet in the Elden Ring? Detailed Guide

elden ring hide helmet
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We would like to mention first that you won’t be able to hide the Helmet in the Elden Ring.

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It sucks that you have given so much time to your character development from dress armor tattoos and countless things but in the end, you won’t be able to see the face of your character. Not only the character’s face but other NPCs you interact with on your way can’t be visible.

Here we have listed some of the points that might help you with Elden Ring Hide Helmet.

Remove the Helmet

While roaming around in Elden Ring you can unequip the helmet completely. When there are fewer chances of attacks. But during a boss fight you have to wear a Helmet. Otherwise, it will impact your strength and your character will be more vulnerable to attacks from the boss.

Hide from the Status Menu

Users have to hide Helmet through Status Menu in Elden Ring.

  • If you have an Xbox then you have to press the X button on the controller.
  • If you have a PlayStation then you have to press the Square button on controller.
  • PC players need to click on the Right click and then select the hide option from there.
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From this, you will get into the Status Menu, and from that, you can select the Hide Helmet option.

Hidden Helmet Mod

Before you try we would like to mention that, it’s a third-party Mod, it’s officially not part of Elden Ring and also not verified by the FormSoftware. So it might lead to banning your Elden Ring account too. But you can take risks if you are Novice. And it won’t affect you that much if your account gets banned.

The Hidden Helmet Mod will Hide the Helmet from the head and it won’t impact the stats of the character.


That’s it, as of now either you try the Hidden Helmet Mod or Unequip Helmet. Furthermore, you don’t need to wear it all the time in the game.

You can remove the helmet while travelling and also while fighting it make you more vulnerable. But it won’t affect you that much if you just save your head in battle.

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This sum up for how to remove helmet in Elden Ring guide for more relevant content do check our Elden Ring guides section.