How To Get Pure Prisms in FGO

Welcome gamers! This is the guide on Getting the important in-game currency, Pure Prisms, in the game FGO if you were struggling to attain Pure Prisms. So without further delay, let’s get into the article.

FGO, the RPG, has a deep and complex story and a lot of elements in the game. There are few in-game currencies. One of the currencies is Pure Prism. Pure Prism is “The Crustal created by concentrating more refined mana.”

Pure Prism is a currency that helps you obtain items. You use them by exchanging them at the Da Vinci’s Workshop for different kinds of Ascension Items.

How Do I Get the Pure Prisms in FGO?

Fate Grand Order Tips
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Pure Prisms are essential to get in Fate/Grand order. They are used to attain other essential items. Some of these items require! Some pure prisms need two pure prisms and some even need three pure prisms. Here are the ways you can get Pure Prisms in FGO:

  • One way the Pure Prisms can be obtained is by clearing Main Quests
  • You can also get Pure Prisms in the rewards sent to your gift box
  • You can get Pure Prisms during special events. 
  • Ascending servants can also obtain prisms. This feature was added to the game after the game’s 7th anniversary. 
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How do I Use Pure Prism in FGO?

Here is the list of items that you can get in exchange for one, two, and three pure prisms:

Things that need One Pure Prism Items that need two Pure Prism Things that need three Pure Prism 
Unlucky BoneYggdrasil SeedsTalon of chaos 
Void’s RefuseGhost Lantern Demonic Flame Hozuki 
Hero’s ProofOctuplet Twin Crystal Comet Shard
Dragon FangPheonix Plume Scarab of Wisdom
Chains of the FoolInfinity GearSpiral Root 
Stinger of Certain Death Giant Ring Black Tallow 
Magical Cerebrospinal FluidMeteoric Horseshoe Bloodstone Tear 
Night-Weeping Iron StakeAurora Steel Lamp of Demon Sealing 
Stimulus GunpowderRainbow Yarn Dawnlight Reactor Core
Tiny Bell of Amentsy Crown of Radiant Silver Genesis Egg

That is all on how you can get the Pure Prisms in Fate/Grand Order hope this guide helped you!