High on Life How to Get Out of The Mines

There are several opportunities to become lost in High on Life’s Zephyr Paradise. It’s a big, open map that you’ll be visiting a lot as you take down the G3 cartel. The mine, on the other hand, is a particularly hazardous region of Zephyr.

This region is quite irritating, but only because it is an interconnected network of tunnels and caverns that may easily turn you around. In this guide, I’ll show you how to escape this treacherous mine so let’s dive right in

How to Get Out of the Mine in High on Life

Take care of any adversaries from the moment where you’re forced to jump from the damaged elevator. Follow the way to the right to pass past a shop with an upgrade for Kenny. If not, proceed to the left and ascend to the elevated region where a platform with a green splat rests vertically. Turn Kenny’s Glob Shot horizontally, then fling yourself across the abyss gorge with it.

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It may not be evident where to move from here, so seek for and use a grappling point. The trail will split, so take the left fork. Continue along the trail, leaping over any obstacles, until you reach a large gap.

If this is your first time in Zephyr, you can fire the bright green lights to make platforms and bridge the gap. If this is a return journey, though, you may just use your jetpack to hover across the distance. Get to the other side, whichever way.

Continue along the route until you reach a small, round space that links to another small, circular place.

To escape the mine, you must leap atop the massive mushrooms. Jump from mushroom to mushroom, looking for grappling spots along the way until you reach one with a zipline. If you take the zipline up, you’ll have successfully exited the mine!

That’s how to escape the treacherous mine in High of Life as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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