High On Life How To Get To 9 Torg

In High On Life, your main goal is to find all of the bounty targets and the reward on 9-Torg is one of the first you’ll come across. After conversing with the local fishermen on the dock, your next mission is to locate 9-Torg’s hiding place. While this is a pretty basic procedure, there are … Read more

High On Life How To Get Lezduit

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Justin Roiland, the creator of Rick and Morty, couldn’t stop himself from creating another video game. It has talking aliens and all the stuttering you’d expect from a piece of his media. But you’ve come to learn how to acquire Lezduit in High on Life. As you go through the game, you’ll discover a plethora … Read more

High On Life How To Get To Zephyr

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High on Life is a first-person shooter adventure and action game featuring Metroidvania features. This game, which was created by the co-creator of Rick and Morty, contains a myriad of fascinating and stunning landscapes. You will come across a bounty to find Dr. Giblets on Zephyr as you proceed. However, as perplexing as this game … Read more

High On Life How To Get Jetpack

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High on Life is a new first-person shooter with a Jetpack and other unlocked upgrades. These improvements will allow the player to explore more planets and collect more riches. The Jetpack, in particular, allows the player to fly higher and traverse gaps. High on Life features an unexpectedly complex tale, complete with sarcasm and talking … Read more

High On Life How To Restart Mission

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High on Life is one of the most anticipated comedy first-person shooter games. Justin Roiland, a prominent voice-over artist who has given voice to the iconic Rick & Morty program, designed this action-adventure game. However, the game has left many fans unsatisfied. This is due to the fact that users frequently encounter a number of … Read more

High on Life How to Get Out of The Mines

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There are several opportunities to become lost in High on Life’s Zephyr Paradise. It’s a big, open map that you’ll be visiting a lot as you take down the G3 cartel. The mine, on the other hand, is a particularly hazardous region of Zephyr. This region is quite irritating, but only because it is an … Read more