Hogwarts Legacy: How Old is Poppy?

The Hogwarts Legacy game includes many different characters, though it does not include the main characters from the Harry Potter movie series.

As it is set in the late 1800s. Every character has a role. The Hogwarts characters in the game might not be recognizable, but they’ll surely make an impression on you.

This article is about one of the students in the Hogwarts School in the game. Iam will be talking about the Hufflepuff student Poppy Sweeting and how old she is, so keep reading to know all about Poppy Sweeting.

how old is poppy in hogwarts legacy
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Poppy Sweeting Hogwarts Legacy 

Role = Hogwarts Student 

House = Hufflepuff 

Family members:

  • Father = Angus Sweeting
  • Mother, = Violette Sweeting
  • Possible Relative = Havelock Sweeting 

The Wand she uses = is made of wood and core 

Poppy Sweeting Age

The Hogwarts Legacy Student Poppy Sweeting’s age can be determined by:

She was a Fifth-year Student during the 1890-1891 School year, so she must have been 15 years old at the start of the school year.

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Poppy Sweeting Quest

Since Poppy Sweeting has a love for Magical beasts, she has a quest where you’ll get exciting Rewards. 

You can start the quest by finding Poppy in the Hufflepuff common room, where she will ask you to save her pet kneazel Eggy from the poachers in the Forbidden Forest, and once you beat the poachers and return Eggy to Poppy, the quest will start. The quest has nine puzzles that you have to complete to earn rewards.

Poppy Quest Story Summary 
Fire and Vice (Main Quest)You and Poppy discover Horntail Hall is a dragon fighting ring set up by poachers. The two of you then rescue fight the poachers and rescue Hebridean Black.
A Dragon DebriefAfter rescuing the Hebridean Black from the poachers, you meet with Poppy to discuss how to return the egg it left behind.
Poached Egg
Poppy finds the dragon’s location, and you return the egg. Poppy then wonders why the poachers haven’t struck back at either of them yet before she realizes they targeted someone else instead.
The Poacher’s House Call
Poppy confirms that the poachers indeed targeted her grandmother instead. They also took her Gran’s journal containing the location of a long-lost creature known as the Snidget. You and Poppy go to the centaurs to seek an alliance against the poachers.
Surprise Meeting
You and Poppy meet with an elder centaur Dorran in the Forbidden Forest. He tells you about a cave and a moonstone that may lead to the Snidgets. He orders you both to investigate while he talks to the rest of the herd.
The Centaur and the StonePoppy finds the cave’s location, and you both can acquire a moonstone that triggers a Mooncalf dance.
It’s in the StarsYou show Dorran the markings of the Mooncalf dance, which he believes lead to the location of the Snidgets.
A Bird in the HandYou head to the den where the Snidgets are found, but poachers follow you. You get to the den and witness three baby Snidgets being born. Dorran promises that the centaurs will protect the Snidgets.
Poppy BloomsYou meet with Poppy in the Great Hall, and she tells you it’s been her favorite and most exciting school year thus far and that she’s happy to have made a friend in you and the centaurs.

Hogwarts Legacy is an interesting immersive RPG take on the world of Harry Potter, that allows the fans to learn spells, brew potions, and even fly on a broomstick.

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All over the Hogwarts Legacy grounds to make them live the Hogwarts life through a third-person perspective on their PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Once you complete the Poppy Sweeting Questline, you will be rewarded with 180 XP and unlock the Beast Friends Trophy/Achievement.