Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get Elder Wand

The final novel in the Harry Potter series features the Elder Wand as one of the Death Hallows. Fans of the Harry Potter franchise would be excited to know that the Elder Wand features in Hogwarts Legacy.

It can help students in Hogwarts realize their true potential, and it’s the ultimate weapon to defeat any enemy you might have. Can you get the elder wand in Hogwarts Legacy? Yes, you can. However, it won’t be easy. 

Because the Elder Wand is stronger than Avada Kedavra, it won’t be easily obtainable from the start of the game; players have to progress through the main story until they get to a certain event or come across a quiz on an external site linked to their account.

Only by passing this quiz can you obtain the Elder Wand. This article will explain exactly how you can do this and get the elder wand; let’s get into it.

What Is the Elder Wand in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy Elder Wand
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The Elder Wand is the strongest in the world of Harry Potter. This is because the wand was created by Dead, according to the Tale of the Three Brothers. The tale is about three brothers who find a way to outsmart Death to escape the trap he set. Due to this, Death decided to reward them. 

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The Eldest brother asked for the most powerful wand in the world to destroy anyone, and Death gifted him the Elder Wand. However, there’s no way to confirm if this story is to. Dumbledore believed that the eldest brother, not Death, created the elder wand.

However, the Elder Wand had many owners before it got to Dumbledore. Thanks to Hogwarts Legacy, you can now wield it as well. How can you get Elder Wand in Hogwarts Legacy? You’re about to find out.

How to Get the Elder Wand in Hogwarts Legacy

Players must visit the Wizarding World website and answer the quiz questions to get the Elder Wand and its Core piece customized to their preference.

There are seven questions, so players must be careful with their answers to get the variation they’re looking for. Below is a breakdown of the right answer to get the unicorn, phoenix, or dragon core.

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QuestionAnswers (Unicorn Hair Core)Answers (Phoenix Feather Core)Answers (Dragon Heartstring Core)
First of all, would you describe yourself as…AnyAnyAny
And your eyes…BlueBlueBlue
Was the day on which you were born…AnyAnyAny
Do you most pride yourself on your…IntelligenceIntelligenceIntelligence
Travelling alone down a deserted road, you reach a crossroads. Do you continue…Right towards the castleRight towards the castleRight towards the castle
Do you most fear…FireDarknessHeights
In a chest of magical artefacts, which would you choose…Glittering JewelBound ScrollSilver Dagger

The only way to get the elder wand is by using the artifact at the end of the narrative. One of the final trials is set by Niamh Fitzgerald, and it allows players to wield the elder wand’s power over their enemies during the final story sequences of the game for a short time. 

This quest is an epic conclusion to Hogwarts Legacy’s story. This way, players can enjoy Elder Wand’s extraordinary power once before the game closes. 

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Final Thoughts

The Elder wand is considered the world’s most powerful and dangerous wand. Every witch and wizard has heard of the wand and covets it.

But can you get an elder wand in Hogwarts Legacy? You now know you can and the ways you can. Once you complete the Wizarding World quiz and link the wizarding world account to your game account, you can use the wand. 

This is all for how to get Elder Wand in Hogwarts Legacy for more similar content do check our Hogwarts Legacy guides.

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