Honkai: Star Rail: Shopping Channel Event Guide

In the Simulated Universe, players can sometimes find events, which will be decided at random. Among the available occurrences is the Shopping Channel event, which gives players three choices each with a different outcome with no indication of what the outcome would be.

This guide will help you with making the right choice as well as the outcomes with each option so let’s dive right in.

Shopping Channel Event In Honkai: Star Rail

The HSR shopping channel event consists of three options that players can choose from which are:

  • A box of expired donuts
  • A lotus that can sing the Happy Birthday song
  • A mechanical box

Each shopping channel event in Honkai: Star Rail has a fixed outcome which is;

  • A box of expired donuts: All characters lose up to 20% health
  • A lotus that can sing the Happy Birthday song: Discard one Blessing and obtain one Blessing
  • A mechanical box: Obtain one Curio
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As soon as you choose an option, you will experience exclusive dialogues, cutscenes, and experience the above-mentioned outcome.

Simulated Universe Events

Honkai Star Rail
Image Credit: HoYoverse

There are several occurrences, some of which are different from the others. Trail Blazers are less likely to experience events like Shopping Channel and Ruan Mei, but they are more likely to face events like I.O.U. Dispenser and Aha Stuffed Toy.

Players cannot pick which events they will experience, so they must return to the Simulated Universe frequently to complete the event index and receive all Stellar Jade awards.

So far, the Genius Society member Ruan Mei, is the most rewarding event in the Simulated Universe as she offers 2000 Cosmic Fragments and these Cosmic Fragments can be used to purchase Blessing upgrades from Herta, or players can keep them if they possess the Robe of the Beauty Curio, which increases all damage by 16%. 

Also, Players without the Robe can choose Blessings and these Blessings may align with the chosen path which are allocated randomly. In this event, acquiring Blessings grants players an advantage, as they consistently complement one another.

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That’s all you need to know about HSR Shopping Channel Events as I’ll see you in the next guide.