Honkai Star Rail: How To Use Access Code For The Chest

On one hand, Honkai Star Rail missions are easy to conquer and some are tough as hell. But Access Code for the Chest is a blend of both. You just need to find an NPC in a particular location. Further with some talk with the NPC, you can have an access code for the Chest Star Rail. Chest in Honkai Star Rail can get you the exciting rewards and an NPC will be introduced in this journey. 

But, the thing with the NPC is, it has no mark on the map. You have to search the whole town for the access code for the Chest Star Rail. You have to start the search operation for the NPC in the Central Starskiff Haven. But you don’t have to explore the whole location. We are here for you. In this guide, we have explained where you can find Ziqiao. 

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How to activate the Access Code for the Chest in Honkai: Star Rail?

access code for chest
access code for the chest star rail

In order to activate the Access Code for the Chest in Star Rail, you have to trade it with the free chest. You can only perform this activity with the Ziqiao. You have to find her in the Central Starskiff Haven Region. Then you have to talk to her and exchange a series of dialogues with her. 

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Further, you have to communicate with Ziqiao till you get to the dialogue “I’m Picking Something Up”. Now, you have to give her an access code to your chest. Now, with the trade, you can open the chest and you can have your rewards. 

Now, you may need help finding this NPC Ziqiao in the Central Starskiff Haven. 

How to find NPC Ziqiao in Central Starskiff Haven?

Ziqiao Location Honkai Star Rail
access code for the chest star rail

Follow these steps to meet Ziqiao:

  1. You need to teleport yourself to the Starskiff Jetty Space Anchor 
  2. Now, from the anchor you have to head to the west and take the downstairs from there. 
  3. After you have to take the first right and then the take stair down again. 
  4. At the end of the stairs, you may notice the two red shipping containers. 
  5. From there, you have to turn right and head to the narrow path. 
  6. On the right, you meet with the Ziqiao on the right side. Parallel to the starting anchor. She has kind of big ears. 
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Now, all is for you to have a little chat with her. To access the code for the chest in the Rail Star you have to chat with her till the I’m Picking Something Up Dialogue. And that’s all for this mission you can have your reward.


Find NPC Ziqiao in the Central Starskiff Heaven, as mentioned in the steps. Now, you have to make a trade with her. You have to exchange the free chest with access code for the chest. As you find her talk with her and make a trade for the access code for chest in Honkai Star Rail

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