Hoops Life Controls PC, XBOX (2024)

Welcome to the guide for the Roblox game Hoops Life. In this article, I will guide you through all the controls you have to use in Hoops League for both PC and Xbox consoles. So let’s get into the guide without any further delay.

Hoops’ life is an exciting basketball game. If you are new to the game, there are several controls where you can shoot, guard, switch hands, and dunk your way to the top of the scoreboard.

Dribble Moves PC Controls for Hoops Life

Dribbling is an essential part of the game. Here are the dribbling moves.

Moves PC Control
Hessi (ball in right hand)C
Hessi (ball in left hand)Z
Crossover (ball in right hand)Z
Crossover (ball in left hand)
Double Crossover (ball in right hand)ZZ 
Double Crossover (ball in left hand)CC
Between the legs Double tap X 
Behind the Back (ball in right hand)CX
Behind the Back (ball in left hand)ZX
SPIN (ball in right hand)CXZ
SPIN (ball in lefthand)ZXC

Dribbling Moves on their Xbox Console

Moves in Right Stick Xbox.

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Moves Right Stick Xbox
Hessi Flight Right in right hand, flick left in left hand 
CrossFlick right in the left hand, flick left in the right hand
StepBackFlick down
Between the legs Double flick down
Behind the BackFlick right + Flick down, flick left +flick down
SPIN Flick right + flick Down + Flick Left or Flick Left + Flick Down + flick Right
Fake SpinFlick UP

Moves in Dpad Xbox.

Moves Dpad Xbox
Hessi Dpad right in the right hand, and Dpad left in the left hand.
CrossDpad right in left hand or Dpad left in right hand 
StepBackDpad Down 
Between the legs Dpad DOwn + Dpad Down
Behind the BackDpad Right + Dpad Down and Dpad Left + Dpad Down
SPIN Dpad left + Dpad right + Dpad doen, Dpad Right + Dpad left + Dpad Down
Fake SpinDpad Right + Dpad Down + Dpad Right in or Dpad Left + Dpad Down + Dpad Left

That is all for the controls in Hoops Life, the Roblox game. It offers a fun, engaging basketball experience, and with this guide, you will better understand the game and become a pro.

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