Destiny 2 Where is the Wayfinders Compass 

Where is the wayfinders compass: the season of loss is an online multiplayer shooter game. The game is free and has a first-person perspective. The game was developed by Bungie and released first for the PS4 and Xbox one, but after the game was available on the PS5, Xbox series X/S.

The game is a massively multiplayer online MMO game in which the players have the character and have to save the last city of planet earth with their weapons, magic, power, and skills.

In the game’s fifth expansion, the developer added a new chapter to the game, the witch queen, in early 2022. In Destiny 2, there are three characters, and the three characters have their particular specifications. The players can choose any of the characters and customize the character according to that. Three characters are a warlock, hunter, and Titan. 

Here in this very article, we will discuss where the wayfinders compass is and other related things about the compass.  

What is Wayfinder compass destiny 2?  

The wayfinders compass is the artifact in destiny 2, the season of the lost. If any players have the wayfinders compass, then the compass will allow you to find the movement and mapmaking between dimensions. The compass serves the same purpose as the fourth-year veteran’s artifact splicer glove and proving hammer. In this upgrade, the user can utilize both artifact skills with the single device wayfinders compass. 

Where is the wayfinders compass?  

You must accomplish the first week’s mission to find the compass. At the end of the weekly mission, as a reward, you will receive the compass, and you can access the compass in the Awoken wing of H.E.L.M.

But there is one problem, as you get the wayfinders compass, you cannot access the compass; to access the compass, you have to gain the progress through the story. When you access the shattered realm quest, you can utilize the skill of the compass.  

Which mission are required to complete to get the wayfinders compass in destiny 2?  

When you run the game, a video will appear on the screen, which will paint the picture 9f return of Mara sov, the Awoken queen. Also, the arrest warrant was filed against Osiris, and to arrest Osiris, saint 14 was looking after him. So you have to catch the Osiris and bring him in.  

After that, you must visit the dreaming city and land at Harbinger’s secluded. Follow the way and fight in the path which will lead to you, Rhungatt, Might of Xivu Arath.

These enemies are easy to defeat, and as you finish them, a notification will pop up in your display to use the Awoken Beacon and have to get the ascendant plane. Follow the other path in the journey, and you will lead to kelgorath, and have to defeat the kelgorath, and then you have to jump through the portal.  

The process will make a path for you, and you will meet Sara, crow, saint 14, and Osiris. But here is the twist in the story. Osiris is actually not an Osiris. Savathun has been disguising himself as Osiris the whole time. Saint 14 is pretty frustrated, and Sara too, so Sara will be tasked with finding the wayfinders compass in destiny 2.  

Destiny 2 Where is the Wayfinders Compass

What can you do with the wayfinders compass destiny 2: the season of loss?  

It will allow you to add the mods that will help you improve weapon speed, reload time, and mag size. Also, in the game, you will get a quest from the Awoken wing of the H.E.L.M to trace the stars. 

How to use the wayfinders compass destiny 2? 

You will get the wayfinders compass as a receive once you complete the introductory missions in Destiny 2. But you won’t be able to use the compass as you get it. To use the compass, you will need the parallax trajectory. To gain the compass’s access, you must first access the shattered realm quest. Then after you will be able to access the compass. 

When you open the compass, you will see the cell. The cell will cost you a parallax trajectory to unlock it. For the first column, you will have to pay 150, and for the other column, you have to pay 400 or 600. 

The first column of the compass menu is dependent upon the shattered realm, so it will change how you interact with the realm.  

Barrier beach has a green upgrade, allowing you to pass through several purple barriers. 

The actual sight has the blue upgrade, allowing you to find the hidden secrets and locations.  

Safe passage will remove the slow effect from fields and increase the power and deadlines of the enemies.   

When can we get access to different rows in wayfinders compass destiny 2?  

When you get the wayfinders compass to access its different parts, it will take 6 weeks. You have to gain the new abilities to access the compass. Otherwise, it won’t be possible. As you get first abilities, you can only unlock the green rows. With week 2 ability, you will have access to true sight, the blue row, and by the third week, you will have safe passage under your command.  

What can unlock with Barrier beach:  

  1. Astral harvester 
  2. Astral abundance 
  3. Opportune arms 
  4. Phase breach 
  5. Enhanced breach 
  6. Astral efficiency 

What can you unlock with true sight:  

  1. Sight beyond sight 
  2. Unveiled eyes 
  3. Ascendant sight 
  4. Frequency echos 
  5. Vision of splendor 
  6. Parallax focusing 

The above-listed thing you can unlock, we will suggest that you unlock as per the priorities. The list mentioned above is per the priorities list; you can also unlock it as you want. As you gain the more parallax trajectory, you can unlock the more with the gained reputation.  

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the where is the wayfinders compass with complete information.

Where can I find the wayfinders Compass Mod?

In Destiny 2, players can acquire the Wayfinder’s Compass by completing Quest “Cocoon Mission.” After watching Mara Sov’s cinematic, Guardians will spawn in the Dreaming City. To reach the Awakened Beacon, players must slay all the Taken.

In Destiny 2, where is the compass calibrator?

The Compass Calibration, purchased from the Wayfinder’s Compass in the H.E.L.M., can be ranked up to earn seasonal gear and unlock new improvements.

Do wayfinders compass mods rotate?

A new set of Mods has been generated for the Wayfinder’s Compass at the HELM. They’ll rotate every two days at the daily reset from now until the end of the season.

What is the best way to decorate my Wayfinder?

An ornament can be obtained for each ritual activity of the weapon: Vanguard Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit. These ornaments can only be obtained once your rank is reset with a playlist and you reach the “Legend” rank.

The Lost has 7 mods. What are they?

Multiple modes address these issues, such as Melee Wellmaker, Seeking Wells, Well of Striking, Bountiful Wells, Well of Ordinance, Elemental Shards, Elemental Time Dilation, Supreme Wellmaker, Enduring Well, Well of Utility, and Well of Restoration.

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