House Party Walkthrough (2024) | Romances, Endings, Storylines

Most of the players like me find the House Party game a little confusing. Because there are many ridden rewards within this game.

You have to unlock it from each character and that is confusing correct? Then, Here this walkthrough will guide you on exactly what you have to do in the House Party game without having a hassle.

Moreover, House party is a type of dating simulator game. It is very interesting because here every decision changes the story of the game that was released on December 5, 2015.

There are lots of characters at the house party game. The interaction with each character will lead you to a sweet or bad night.

This Walkthrough will guide what are the steps you need to take in order for the desired results mention below. Don’t forget to check the House Party Romance Guide with all the important characters such as Madison, Ashley, Katherine and more.

House Party Walkthrough: Madison

If you want to know about Madison then you need to conquer Madison. Then, you can enjoy all the scenes of the House Party which is prepared for you. Therefore, you have to read carefully the next section of our House Party Custom Stories Walkthrough.

With the help of the below-mentioned steps, you will find all the right decisions about this character. Along with this, you will get the results you expect. Then, you will reach the end of the Madison Route.

Requirements:- Foam finger, secret key, soda, towel, Madison phone, paper, and pencil.

Follow the below-mentioned steps

1 . First, you have to introduce yourself to Frank to unlock the conversation with Madison.

  1. Then, you have to choose the option to get to know a little better. Then you can ask for a bathroom and choose an optional dialogue about Frank. This will help you to increase your friendship with Madison.
  2. You can introduce yourself to Ashley and start a conversation.
  3. Now, you have to collect the mischievous key. You will find it near the white vase on the left of the fireplace.
  4. You can go to the master bedroom. You will find it on the right upstairs the first door. Also, you can go to the bathroom which is on the first door on the left. Then, look for Madison’s phone near the sink.
  5. Next, you have to collect the yellow pencil from another room upstairs. Then, you can go to the end of the hallway near the last room. Next, you have to look for a blue door and inside you will see a Bunk Bed with a desk. After this, grab the yellow pencil which is on the desk.
  6. You will find Brittney is in the room beside the one with the Bunk Bed. You have to introduce yourself. Then, look near the laptop and collect a piece of paper.
  7. After this, come back to the master bedroom. You will find a table near the bed with a mirror. Next, you have to look for the gastronomy book and collect the paper and you will find the passcode of Madison’s Safe.
  8. Now, you have to grab Madison’s Diary which is near the Master bedroom. You will find a condition to unlock the safe. When no one is around then only you can unlock this.
  9. Now, you can talk to Madison about Brittney and return the phone.
  10. When you and Madison are alone in the room, then ask him for a reward. Madison will agree to prank Ashley.
  11. You have to search for Ashley and help her to dry off. You can compliment her.
  12. Now, you can go to the bathroom downstairs, and grab the towel. Give it to Ashley for washing.
  13. You can give Madison’s diary to Ashley to win her trust. Then, she will be ready to let you wash her clothes. You can follow her to the room with a bunk bed. Then, you have to collect the wet clothes.
  14. Next, you have to ask her for anything she wants. She wants a soda.
  15. Again, back to the master bedroom before going to collect soda from Fridge. Because in the master bedroom, you have to grab a white bottle of eye dropss from the bottom shelves.
  16. Now, you get a soda from the fridge. Also, you have to grab the skeleton key from the bathroom. You will find the key is between the green and blue plates. Then, look the opposite of the white socket.
  17. You have to look at the bathroom downstairs. Then go upstairs. After this lock the Master Bedroom bathroom.
  18. Then, you can give her the Soda and you will find she starts feeling sick. And without clothes, she runs downstairs and is exposed in front of everyone.
  19. Next, you can talk to Madison for a reward. And collect it.
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Madison Blackmail Steps

Madison’s diary was discovered in the Basement on Step – 9 of the House Party walkthrough. To take a different path, you can now activate a Madison Blackmail side mission here. Alternatively, you can keep playing with the above steps. Still, if you want, after Step 9 – Madison’s Diary, do the preceding.

1. Choose the option – I detect a likeness for both you and Madison when you encounter Ashley.

2. When Madison isn’t around, give Ashley Madison’s phone. Choose a choice – perhaps it’s her phone, and she’ll agree to play a joke on Madison.

3. You will receive a phone passcode if you give Madison’s diary to Ashley.

4.You can see what’s inside Madison’s phone if you open your Inventory. To save the images, go to Images and click the email icon.

5. Return to Madison and hand the phone to her. To start the Blackmail journey, talk about the photographs here.

6. Follow Madison to the Master Bedroom and use the Mysterious Key you discovered in the bathroom behind of refrigerator downstairs to close the door. (Select Step 4 from the Madison Guide.)

7. Communicate to the Mansion to obtain rewards.

Ashley Reward Guide:

If you don’t want to go with Madison’s Blackmail reward path, you can go with Ashley and get some nice goodies during the same conversation. So, here’s what you’re doing.

1. Ashley has trusted you with her clothes after Step 14 in the Madison Guide.
2. Take the clothing to the laundry room with you. It’s on the opposite side of the upstairs. While the clothes are being washed, go downstairs and get the sod from the refrigerator.
3. Return to the Washing Machine and give the soda to Ashley. Place the wet clothing in the dryer and wait for it to finish.
4. Return the garments to Ashley before speaking with her. She will not agree to give you a prize.

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Katherine Walkthrough

1. Introduce yourself to Stephanie, who is dancing before the fireplace in a blue outfit.

2. Take the mystery key from the fireplace’s top left corner.

3. Choose one of the following choices to introduce yourself to Katherine.

We utilize need for a different reason than it was intended.
I saw you staring at your phone.
who may possibly be a to you.
Inquire about Stephanie, and indicate that I could need a drink.

4. Find Frank and assure him you’re not intoxicated, then tell him to stay away from the alcohol for the rest of the night. Then you can talk about Katherine.

5. Now go over to Katherine and inquire about her favorite drink. Inform her that Frank is in charge of the alcohol and that he likes her.

6. Return to Frank and discuss Katherine in order to reach an agreement.

7.Locate Brittney on the second floor. She’s the one in the room with the laptop and the desk. Look for the SD card near the pen or calculator on the desk. Use the camera with SD card from your inventory.

8. Return to the basement and enter the garage. It’s accessible from the kitchen.

9. You’ll need to move Katherine, so either uses the Cell Phone Jammer from your inventory or keep heading towards her to keep pushing her. Place her in a room with no other people in it.

10.You must persuade Katherine to take a picture without the top; tell her that Frank wants the picture. Request that she poses without the top.

11. Choose a camera from the inventory, click the photo and then tell her to relax.

12.Return to Frank and examine the area to the right of his chair. There is an alcohol cupboard in the room. Look for an empty bottle of Vodka and inquire about it with Frank. Take the bottle from the shelf.

13. You must offer Frank your camera in order to take one of the bottles. Take a sip of rum.

14.When you return to Katherine and give her the drink, she will want you to take off all your clothing and go about the home with her. Do it and see how everyone reacts, even Katherine. Finally, speak with her.

15. Katherine isn’t quite ready to join you, so get some salami from the refrigerator and fill the empty vodka bottle with water from the sink tap.

16. Follow Katherine to her master bedroom and hand her the food and drink.

17. You can walk in and out of the master bedroom bathroom if she wants to leave the room. That’s all there is to it now you can enjoy your prize.

Rachel House Party Walkthrough:

1. The first thing you should do when you visit Madison is introduced yourself.

2. After that, locate Rachel and introduce yourself to her, then choose the dialogue option “Nice to meet you,” then “speak about Madison,” and finally “it’s a video game.” After that, ask, “Are you enjoying the party?” and then, “Let me speak with Frank.”

3. Find Frank and start a conversation about stealing from Rachel; you’ll need to inspect her thermos to earn his trust.

4. To locate the coffee, open the refrigerator and take a sip.

5. Take the stove from the pantry cupboard, next to the refrigerator. By hitting (CTRL), you’ll be able to grab the kettle and place it on the largest ring visible on the stove. After that, make a cup of coffee and turn on the stove.

6. Grab as much booze as you can until the coffee is done; alcohol can be found in the cabinet behind Frank.

7. Grab the single natty light that’s hidden under the lone chair beside the window where Frank is.

8. Find Stephanie’s room, where you’ll see a fireplace with speakers on top. Go to the right speakers and grab it, then pull it down. Another natty light can be found here.

9. Head to the kitchen and towards the garage, where you’ll discover another natty lite beside a blue box on a shelf. Take it.

10. Head upstairs, and if you see Patrick, introduce yourself and offer to help.

11. On the high shelf beside the bathroom door is another natty lite.

12.You’ll need to enter the master bedroom to get the painkillers, and as soon as you enter the bathroom, close the door behind you so no one can see you. Take the pain relievers that were discovered on top of a basket.

13. Go to the washing room, find a basket, and pull it down for another natty lite. You’ll find what you’re seeking for behind it. Ignore the kettle whistling noise for now.

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14. To get another natty lite, go to Brittney’s room and look for a laptop on the left-hand side of the desk, as well as a bottle nearby.

15. Toss the coffee into an empty cup and return to the kitchen. Make sure the stove is turned off.

16. Give Patrick the drugs he wants and ask for a favour: his phone. Brittney is where you’ll find it.

17. Introduce yourself to Brittney and get Patrick’s phone number.

18. Find Patrick and tell him to return his phone, making sure to mention his inebriation.

19. Inform Patrick about Frank’s wine bottle. Now go to Frank and tell him about Patrick; a fight will occur and grab Patrick’s bottle of wine as soon as he drops it.

20.Give Frank all of your natty lights and tell him to sniff the thermos while you sniff the silver thermos and tell Frank it has water. Frank will then hand it on to you.

21. Tell Patrick that the coffee he’s drinking is Irish coffee, and watch him sober up.

22. “Tell her you’re not afraid of Frank, look at these biceps,” return the thermos to Rachel. Just make sure Frank isn’t in the vicinity.

23. Ask Rachel if she’s nervous, and she’ll respond with “believe me” and “that’s wonderful.” You can now inquire about Rachel’s phone number.

24. When Patrick returns, tell him to get his phone from Brittney, and then take it from him.

25. You can now ask Madison for Vickie’s phone number. To make this happen, you must first trick Ashley by untying her top, and then Madison will give you the phone number.

26. Make sure Madison is in the room when you sneak behind Ashley and unhook her top without her noticing. You can obtain Vickie’s contact information.

27. You can now discuss phone hacking and falsified messages with Katherine. Follow her to the room with a laptop and hand over Patrick’s phone.

28. Choose the option to send texts to Rachel first, then to Vickie.

29. Select the comments in the correct sequence: “tell the cute guy about the wet dream,” “wait for Rachel to come to talk to you,” “wait for Rachel to meet and speak to you,” “wait for Rachel to come and talk to you,” “wait for Rachel to come out and talk to you,” “wait for Rachel Wait for it to happen by selecting the fake text option that says “take your shirt off.” When the internet is down, you can locate it on the top shelf of the school room’s cabinet. Turn it off and then back on again.

30. When the internet is back up, send her another hoax text: “flash the cute boy.” Find Rachel and follow her outside, then select “dancing in your b**ni” from the dialogue option “how her buddy knows you.” When she’s finished dancing. Use phoney SMS again, this time with the phrase “get nked for a cute guy for 30 seconds.” Follow her outside now.

31. Ask Katherine to send a bogus text saying, “get nked and t*ch herself,” and then hide in the spare room closet until she’s finished.

32. Solicit a false text from her, “b*ng the cute guy,” and accompany Rachel to the Master Bedroom.

33. Make sure the Master Bedroom Door is locked and speak with Rachel.