All Roze Skin’s Type in Warzone

Rozlin Helms, often known as Roze is one of the most popular operators in the COD Warzone. There are lots of Skin Types of Roze available in the game. If you searching for all the Roze Skin types then you’re in luck today.

Here we have shared all Roze Skins types along with the information about how you can get them in Warzone without having hassle.

Roze Skin’s

Here we have shared all the skin types available for the Roze Operator in Warzone.


all roze skins
roze skin warzone

This overburdened and excessive skin looks cool when you take Roz out for a large expedition and you’ll get this skin from the Bundle Roz Operator Bundle


roze skins

This minimalist skin would help you rock the shadow combats with grace and elegance. Get this when you pass season5 tier 100

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Near Dark

modern warfare roze skins
roze skin warzone

You can get this cool skin from the Operator Mission


roze operator skins

The Operator Mission offers another awesome skin and as the name suggests you can lie in the murk without too much attention.

Torn Viel

call of duty roze skins

Let your opponents know that you are beautiful with a bang with this open-faced look from the Roze behind the mask bundle.

How To Get Roze Skin in Warzone?

Well, you can easily purchase Roze from the Warzone in-game store in the Roze Operator along with Roze: Behind The Mask Bundles. The price of these bundles is around  2,400 CoD Points which will be $20.

Moreover, the Roze Operator Bundle comes with the Virago Operator skin that has a Spartan helmet and army-green suit. On other hand, the Roze: Behind The Mask bundle has a winter outfit black color without a helmet.

This is the end of this short guide, hopefully, you find this article helpful to know all about the Roze skins along with additional information such as how you can get Roze skin in Warzone.

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