How Long It Will Take to Beat Breath of the Wild

At the beginning we will like to give information about Breath Of The Wild is an open-world action-adventure game which was developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U consoles and you can able to enjoy this game with it’s stunning visuals and engaging gameplay.

Every player wants to know the exact timing of the game they are going to play and it is very obvious being curious about the game they are spending their time on. But if the question comes to Breath Of The Wild then the answer is not so straightforward and simple because this game is very big and extended and you as a player will be able to get a lot of freedom.

Beat Breath of the Wild Tips
Image Credit: Nintendo

Completing The Main Story of Breath Of The Wild

You will get four main quests in Breath Of The Wild and the Divine Beasts also which you have to defeat to face the final boss, Ganon and after defeating all four Divine Beasts you have to collect different items to prepare yourself for the final battle against Ganon which will not be very easy for you.

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And now you can realize that the length of the main story will depend on your skills, and your focus which you are giving to complete this game. If you want to follow the main storyline then it will take around 25–30 hours to beat the game but if you want to explore some of the other side quests then it will take over 50 hours to beat.

Completing the Side Quests in Breath Of The Wild

You will get many side quests in Breath Of The Wild where you can experience some amazing adventures. You will get a simple quest to more meaningful and significant story based adventures such as puzzle-solving, wars, and unique rewards etc. This side quest story is very vast and significant also and if you want to complete it all then it will extend the timing of the game. If you explore all of the vast world of this game Breath Of The Wild and complete all the side quests then it will take over 100 hours to complete this game.

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Exploration in Breath Of The Wild

The selling points of Breath Of The Wild is very big which it offers to the player and the most important thing is this game is a non linear where you will not get the exact right or wrong way to play. Everyone has a right to choose their way if they want to experience this game.

You have to remember that Exploration is a very important and necessary element if you want to progress in the game. You have to complete puzzles if you want to progress through the main story.